Tilly's Tiny Family Farm
September 30, 2013 Farmer's Market

The wonderful, colorful, fresh produce; the knitted or crocheted baby booties and hats; hand made greeting cards; hand painted crafts; fresh baked yummies; and a variable cornucopia of goodies found at a Farmer's Market. More of which are popping up all over the place. Whether to make a few extra dollars as a hobby or enough to make a living, these markets give more to the community than they receive. Produce without chemicals and fun gifts or decorations you know will be unique. I love Farmer's Markets! I usually find organic green bell peppers for cheaper than the local grocery store, new varieties of tomatoes in colors I never imagined from heirloom plants, and beautiful quilts, cards, cutting boards, and other items. I have yet to regret any purchase I have ever made at a Farmer's Market. If its something that interests me enough, I will see if its something I can grow or make myself. I have noticed a lack of homemade soaps at our local market. A lack of which I hope to fill next year. Along with my hand painted garden rocks, next year I will take the plunge. I will sign up for a whole season at our local Farmer's Market located in Nevis, MN. It started only 2 years ago, yet has grown to quite a group. Now if I can find my own little niche for a booth I will have something unique as well as fun. Tho I am proud to say no one else makes hand painted garden rocks in this area so I get quite a few smiles and chuckles from them. Usually bought as a small gift for their child or grandchild, its best to see their faces light up when they see a tiny penguin or turtle they just know will tickle one's fancy. So next Memorial Day thru Labor Day I shall strive to present a wonderful table or two of goodies for our local Farmer's Market. Once you shop at one, you feel apart of it. I feel this is my way to truly be a part of it. Making me feel more connected to my neighbors, friends, and fellow tourists at heart.

September 29, 2013 Recipes

I posted a few more recipes. I will post up pictures under each recipe as I make them again.

September 28, 2013 Starting Off

After thinking too much about what to start off with, I decided to wing it. So let me tell you a bit about me and then you can think if we have any common ground. Married with a small passel of children, I spend my days schooling my child (another to start the program next year), writing, working at a local retail store, reading, gardening, cooking, baking (yep I separate the two), cleaning up after my small brood, and spending time with my family. I also collect frogs, love the color purple, and paint with acrylics. I am a part of 2 home businesses that are small, but hopefully growing. One deals with fixing computers and web design, while the other is woodworking and various crafts. Between my husband and I there is a various cornucopia of talents and knowledge. Jack and Jane of all trades, but alas, masters of ... a few. With my craft business, I have been learning new talents with the help of our wonderful local library. My newest interest is homemade soap, which I have yet to get all the equipment together for. I want to venture out on that new soap horizon, but every new talent or future disaster does require materials and equipment. For which I need to collect as I find what I need. For fun, look up soap molds.... oh my goodness! There are so many different ones I don't know how to choose. Maybe to start with frogs, we'll see. My major contribution to our craft business is hand painted garden rocks. Frogs, turtles, snakes, bumblebees, rainbow cootie bugs, ladybugs, and more. The smallest one I have ever made is the size of a pencil eraser. It was a very cute, red ladybug. And so I've started off my blog with a small bit of a lot of stuff. See you later alligator.

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