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December 28, 2013 Minnesota Nice

Threat of another blizzard like storm. Makes you want to heat up some cocoa and watch it fall. Tho I am one of those usually at work when it starts so I'm shoveling it off my car instead. There is something I always notice around this time of year. You have your usual crabby people not used to the snow or the temperatures. You have those who complain just to complain.

Then you have those who will stop at the side of the road just to see if you are ok. To pull you out of the ditch or even just give your vehicle a tug with theirs. I have seen at least 3 times so far where its an itty bitty car pulling out a van or larger car. No tow truck. Just thank yous and people with a heart. That is Minnesota Nice.

December 22, 2013 Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

Wanted to add a link to the best gluten free sandwich bread I have tasted so far. It also has nice flexibility so it doesn't fall apart on you. Its not dry and tasteless either.
Gluten Free Sandwich Bread that doesn't suck (yes that's the name of it) Enjoy and toodles!

December 18, 2013 Our Businesses

pancakesI realized with my last post that I have yet to actually provide any links or solid information about our businesses. So here it is. A blog about our businesses.
Rowland Computers Plus Facebook

My hubbie repairs, disinfects, and builds computers and networks. Our regular website is currently down due to borrowing some parts from our server box to fix my computer. Because my hubbie loves me :D . I do basic websites and advertising.
Caveman Woodworking and Crafts Facebook

We are currently working on the gallery for our regular website. We are hoping to include an online shop eventually and a link to our etsy.com shop once that is operational. For Caveman Woodworking and Crafts, my hubbie currently builds window boxes, birdhouses, napkin holders, business card holders, and other wooden items. He made our bathroom vanity too. Pictured to the upper left. I hand paint rocks and seal coat them so they can be outside (hand painted garden rocks) year round. My hubbie crochets hats and other accessories as well. An example of my rocks is posted below. Frogs, snakes, turtles, ladybugs, cootie bugs, penguins, and bumblebees. This winter I am developing a few new designs. I had requests for loons, owls, fawns, and bunnies. We'll see how far I get once I catch up on my regular stock.

So there are our businesses in a nutshell. This summer I plan on bring our goodies from Caveman Woodworking and Crafts to our local Farmer's Market for the whole summer season. Well, toodles my lovelies!


December 11, 2013 Locally Made Leathergoods

pancakesI have to pass on a business in this area I think has been a big impact locally. Itasca Leathergoods of Lake George in Minnesota. They started out with moccasins and boots, but have branched out to so many products I can't stay away from their page. Their locally made footwear feels so soft and durable. I have even tried my hand at stitching a few together when my father-in-law tried to patiently teach me. He is one of many locals working from home for this wonderful company. I thought it would be a great idea to lace them at home for some extra money. Turns out I don't have much strength in my hands for such intricacies. Thats ok, my father-in-law does an awesome job!

These wonderful people have increased their workforce using local people. Their products are made in their Lake George store, but they have expanded their stores to include Crosslake, MN and Hayward, WI. Placemats, belts, and a whole lot more. Tho I am always pinching my pennies, I hope one day to be able to order a custom pair of grape Cota shoes. I do have to chuckle every time I navigate to their website and peruse their goods. After all... my mother will wear moccasins all summer long if she can. So maybe its ingrained in my memories. So for now I daydream as I look at their site. Who knows, maybe one day I can pinch enough pennies to afford a quality product from a local shop.

I encourage everyone to check out their website. They also will trace your feet for a custom fit. How nice is that! So toodles and enjoy the eye candy on their site!

(Logo image belongs to Itasca Leathergoods, check them out on Facebook)

December 2, 2013 Simple Dinners During a Snowstorm

I find comfort food to be a wonderful thing when they predict 6 to 18 inches of snow for your area. I think they call it a flash storm or flash snow or something like that. During this time, however, every one and their family decide to head to the grocery stores and clean them out as if they shall be trapped forever in their home if they get snowed in.

As my uncle has a plow truck I am not too concerned with getting stuck for too long. In fact, I prefer to stay home and use up what I have on hand. Its a good time to get creative and for some reason the kids always have a tremendous appetite at this time. So for tonight, we threw some lima beans, cauliflower, and chicken breasts in a pan. My hubbie seasoned it and we popped it in the oven for 70 minutes at 375 degrees. Its delicious! The kids like it too. I always add some cubes of cheese to their plates too for a more balanced meal. I find tho that once the kids like one item, they want it constantly for a few weeks and then hate it for a while. What do you do when you buy a ton of grapes and the kids decide they don't want them that week? Well, you make grape juice, syrup, or throw them in gelatin. Once they are in gelatin, its like a whole new dish! Yay for creativeness! So enjoy your snow day and bake up something good, toodles!

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