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November 24, 2013 Gluten Free Flour

I recently found a new product at our local Walmart. Betty Crocker came out with a gluten free rice flour blend. Right on the back is a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. This is one of the things I have not been able to make yet as a gluten free goodie. And so the experiment starts. Instead of chocolate chips, I had on hand some Nestle mint chips. They have dark chocolate chips and mint chips all together in one bag. Which remind me of those after dinner mints you sometimes get in the restaurants.

Well here is Betty Crocker's recipe. What was the verdict? The kids ran off with the first batch immediatly. Then the hubbie ran off with part of the next one. I have to say these cookies are moist and delicious. The way a real chocolate chip cookie is supposed to taste. It reminds me of my great grandmother's recipe. Superb! Thankfully I made a double batch so I can take some to work with me for a snack. I have a feeling most of them will be gone soon as my daughter keeps sneaking into the kitchen and comes out with cookies. I had to put them away yesterday just so they didn't eat them all in one sitting. Tho I ran out of this new flour from Betty Crocker, I plan on picking up a lot more for future cookie endeavors. So toodles for the day and happy baking!

November 19, 2013 Good People, Kind Hearts

Once in a while, I will be behind someone at a grocery store who is a little short on cash. Usually a small child trying to buy a simple toy and is 20 cents short or an elderly lady who has misplaced a couple bucks. They always look so heart broken. I'm usually one of those to reach into my own wallet and hand them what they need with a smile. I always receive a smile, an earnest thank you, and sometimes a few tears. I had never been on the receiving end of this situation until yesterday.

All I wanted was a 2 pack of heirloom tomatoes to go with my groceries. I was thinking of treating the kids to a taco night. For some reason, the tomatoes were not ringing up as a food item and therefor didn't qualify for my food stamps.(yep, even hard working people need food stamps) They were also ringing up at the wrong price. We got the price figured out, but they couldn't get the tomatoes, which are obviously a food, to ring up correctly. Its not the cashier's fault. It's not even the manager's fault. It's whoever entered the item into the system. It happens. I happen to also work at this place, so I know how often it does happen. I smiled at the cashier and told her its ok, I guess we just wouldn't have tacos tonight.

I was tired from just working and finding my various cornucopia of baking supplies. There was no way I had the energy to walk all the way back to produce and grab a different, questionable tomato. Plus there were 3 people in the line behind me.

The sweet lady behind me handed me 3 dollars and smiled. I looked at her and for the first time ever I was the one to say thank you for a kindness. The kindness struck me so hard that I tearfully said thank you and paid for the tomatoes. She said she has been in a bind before and that it was no big deal. Well, to me it WAS a big deal. A kind stranger helped to give my kids a healthy dinner that night. I couldn't stop the tears as I paid for my groceries and wished the lady a nice night. She told me to enjoy those tacos. I said the kids will be excited and once again said thank you.

I feel the need to do so again. THANK YOU! There are kindhearted people out there. Just when you think you are hitting rock bottom, someone reminds you of that fact. Not everyone is mean spirited or hates their job. Not everyone is after what you have or trying to harm your children. Some people care, some people are just good at heart.

November 14, 2013 Cold Day, Warm Kitchen

pancakesAfter not feeling well and just being sick in general for a few days, I have a tendency to get stir crazy. Once I have recouped for the most part, I go on a baking binge. So this morning when my baby boy (he is 3, but hey still my baby) asked for pancakes... I said sure! He immediately runs to the kitchen thinking they are going to materialize before his eyes or be transported to the table by some mysterious means. He has yet to understand we have to mix them up and cook them first. It makes me smile a lot lately. Especially when he wanted pizza last night.... which I botched the GF crust on but its coming along. Still experimenting on something that is not too dry or tasteless.

So with our gluten free pancakes this morning we also decided to take some pictures. So these have been updated under the recipe.

Along with GF pancakes, GF pumpkin pie, and GF pizza..... we also made gluten free banana bread. Here is a picture of the mini loaf. This recipe has also been updated.

My children ate the first mini loaf as soon as they safely could. Its always cute when they run off with a goodie and scarf it down with laughter. At least I know when they like one of my new recipes. My favorite time is when my oldest boy hid under daddy's desk. Every once in a while you would see this little hand sneak out from under the desk and swipe a cookie off daddy's plate. Daddy would come back with his coffee to find an empty plate and laugh, then you'd hear little giggles from under the desk. Usually chocolate chip cookies. This was before our gluten free and wheat free restrictions.

banana breadSo if you are having a cold day like us today, make some memories and bake up a storm!

November 3, 2013 Baking Euphoria

pumpkin pie Snow has yet to hit us here and stay... yeah! I mean ...er... *cough *cough ... hi. Colder weather and the drastic fall of leaves from bushes and trees has come tho. And what comes with cold weather I ask?

Baking! I LOVE to bake! Muffins, cake, brownies, cookies, pie, bread.... did I mention cookies? he he

The only trouble I have this year is converting most of my favorites into gluten free alternatives for the hubbie. I did, however, convert some last year. So homemade pumpkin pie was on the agenda for the day. Gluten free pie crust as well. Tho I always burn the top edges of the pies,  it always tastes good for the main part. I actually stopped putting pie crust all the way around the top rim of the pie pans to prevent this. If there is no crust.... you can not burn it right?? This pie is made with pumpkin mash that was not precooked. It means its a little more like tiny fibers instead of a smooth mash, but that's the way the hubbie likes it.

Well here is our 9 inch pumpkin pie. I've updated the pumpkin pie recipe to include this new photo. Snazzy huh? I will post my gluten free crust as soon as I can.

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