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October 22, 2013 Memories

Family has always been important to me. I try to make it to every event I can to support my loved ones. The ones I find hard are the funerals. I'm usually the one trying my best not to cry, but to support others that have been closer to any tragedy or loss. Then I get hugged and all dry eyes fly out the window as the dams burst forth and it sinks in. I have lost someone close to me. I have lost someone I cared about. Even though they are no longer in pain, I miss them.

This month was a bit of a double blow to me. My cousin, Adam Poole, was killed in a duck hunting accident on October 5. He believed firmly in safety and even the most prepared are not immune to accidents. He was a light extinguished too soon. He always gave me a hug when it looked like I needed one... no matter what some of his friends might have thought back in high school. He did his own thing and was loved for it. His grins were contagious and his little pranks were a hoot. They even had a camo day at the local high school in his memory. Teachers & staff, along with all our relatives and friends were at the funeral. I was told they stopped counting at 600 people. There was a line to get into the church. The joke was that he was late to his own funeral since the line took 20 to 30 extra minutes to get everyone seated. It became standing room only after that. I have never seen a line at a funeral. Many tears were shed over the obvious show of support for the family who lost their young loved one.

The kicker... he just got married last month to his sweetheart. As I couldn't get out of work for his wedding... I first met his bride at the funeral. Such a sweetheart. My love and prayers are with the rest of the family as they also deal with this tragedy.

Then there is today. Today is the anniversary of my cousin Ron Hamm's death. I believe I was one of the closer cousins to Ron. He made time for me even tho he was a lot older. Born January 23, 1973 and died October 22, 1992. Just 19 years old. From what I remember of the funeral and the details surrounding his death, he was hit by a drunk driver. I may not remember much about the scenario back then... but I remember Ron. I remember him letting me use his small trampoline to jump onto a top bunk, even after my parents said I'd hit my head on the ceiling. I remember him sneaking me candy when we came to visit. I remember his laugh and his wide, toothy smile. Most of all... I remember him. He will always be close to my heart.

October 13, 2013 Tackle a Nagging Task

One of the goals on The Happiness Project was to tackle a nagging task. I like that idea. I have lots of nagging tasks. When I put them all on a list and try to weedle them down... I actually DO them. Whether its finally getting to Spring cleaning, creating an emergency kit to keep in the vehicle, or the dreaded Last Will and Testament. I have been neglecting this little task for years. I have found that this task nags more than any other one since I now have 3 children. Who will take care of them if something happens to hubbie and me? What about their savings accounts and my small businesses? What about a Living Will? What happens if I am incapacitated and no one knows what I want?

Well, its time to write it out and get it done. The more research I do to find the best way of doing so makes me feel better that I am finally taking care of this task. As someone below the national poverty line, I need to find the cheapest way to do it as well. Preferably free. Alas! The internet becomes my ally! Many free, customizable documents can be printed for free! And all you need is a notaries signature, which some banks offer for free if you have an account with them. Bonus!

So off I go in all my free glory to get a nagging task done! Once I have purchased ink for my printer.... which is also on my task list...

October 8, 2013

Its that time of year again. October has arrived and all the various tasks and chores that need to be done before the snow flies. We harvested our Lima beans for seed for next year. We're planning on doubling our gardens next year since we know we'll have more land to work with. Harvested the last of our purple, yellow, and orange varieties of carrots. Harvested the last of our cabbages, onions, and broccoli. We have some swiss chard growing yet, we'll wait til the first frost for that one. Might get another crop of peas harvested too, all flowering in this chilly weather.

Lots of native and local honey bees spotted this summer in our gardens. Not using any chemicals or chemical fertilizers has brought quite the list of beneficial insects to our gardens. We doubled our garden space this year... less lawn to mow... he he. Yet next year the plans to double again will hopefully give us a harvest large enough to share with our family and friends. Anything not used after that will go to my Farmer's Market stall. Fortunately my mother gave me some fruit trees she didn't have time to plant this year. Apricot trees and a few apple trees as well. We're going to plant them tomorrow and hope they survive the winter and the deer. My hubbie plans on putting some mesh around them to keep the deer from rubbing them to death.

Along with harvesting and planting fall veggies its also time for yard cleaning. For me it also means spring cleaning... since I was too busy to do it this last spring with the addition of the larger gardens. I admit I like cleaning to a certain extent. Slowly ridding your house of stuff you haven't used in years and de-cluttering your frequently used areas of the house is therapeutic. It also gives you a fresh start right before winter. Clean areas to work on those scrapbooks or crafts. Plenty of room to cut fabric or sew clothes for the kids. Unfortunately our sewing machine cord frayed. We have to purchase another one before those projects can start, but there is always something to do.

So toodles my lovelies and have a safe October beginning!

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