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April 27, 2014 Promised Pics

So here are the promised pics of the coop. This is a temporary coop for them. We wanted a coop that our layers could be in or that would be a nice place for the smaller chickens until they got big enough to fend for themselves among the others...once we have others. The fence is temporary as well. We have a lot more fence to put up, but ran out of time... and then its been raining and blustery all week... and it snowed a few times to mock us.

We had one nice day, and we had some small trees to take down and brush to clear for our fruit trees. They are supposed to arrive Wednesday or Thursday, but may have to be delayed if the weather doesn't cooperate since they are shipped bare root. Apple trees, apricot trees, cherry trees, pear trees, and crab-apple trees. Total of 18 if they weren't back ordered or exchanged for other types. We will probably post some before and after pics of the area we are planting the trees, tho hubbie didn't find the camera until after he had brushed out some of the smaller trees that are in the way.

Below I also posted a pic of our little mascot Soup the Chicken.

Well, enjoy and toodles everyone! (yes I have a better keyboard now :) )

April 20, 2014 Chickens in Their New Home

Chicken coop is all done and chickens were moved into it last night. It got a little frosty overnight, but the hubbie checked the chickens to find them all cozy and running amok happily. They have plenty of room to stretch their wings now and the alpha hen has decided the top of our 3 gallon waterer is now her roost. She bats away anyone not getting a drink. Pictures to follow once they're settled in better. Only bad part was my lil girl's quivering lip as we took the chickens out of the brooder in the house to take them outside. She seems to think this means she can't see the chickens anymore. We're putting up the rest of the fencing today so that will be squared away as well. So toodles for now--insert exclamation point--

April 17, 2014 Technical Difficulties

You know that feeling you get when all of a sudden your computer freezes up or your internet doesn't work? How about when your children spill liquids onto your keyboard? Well.... its been that week. Thankfully my hubbie is a wonderful technician. Tho my keyboard has some keys that are no longer functional... my computer has been disinfected from something my oldest child accidentally downloaded off a popup on one of his educational game sites. Its times like these when I'm glad my hubbie is a Jack-of-all-trades guy. Computer tech, mechanic, farmer, plumber, woodworker, and more....insert exclamation point here....that's one key that doesn't work lol. So until I get a new keyboard... not so many of those lil marks poppin up...lol --insert smilie-- Toodles --insert exclamation-- lol

April 12, 2014 Busy busy busy

Ok, with all the stuff we've been up to lately I almost forgot to share my new pantry photos. My hubbie worked pretty hard with supervised assistance from our little girl. I think I have four times the space now. So here are the before pictures of the space.

And here are a couple pictures of afterwards, some with food so you get the jist of the size.

So there is my new pantry...well the right side. We're saving up to do the other side of the pantry/laundry room. Mwhahahahahah...cough cough.... er.... hi. Well, I'm going to go update my chicken page now.... So you can go to that page after this... toodles

April 6, 2014 Chickee chickee chickee!

Gave my uncle and aunt their 16 chicks from the 78 we had so we have 62. Thinking we might have to order a batch of 100 once its warmer so we can be sure to have enough chickens for this go round. They've gotten quite big and are in fledgling stage already. Awkward chicken stage for most breeds. These are still cute to me.

Ok, have to feed the babies, toodles!

April 1, 2014 Chicken Update

All 78 still alive and growing fast. Hubbie has to finish the coop outside so we can move them soon. My lil girl has taken to calling the chickens Soup. Anytime I can't find someone in the house, I wander over to the brooder and inevitably that missing someone is sitting on a small stool next to the brooder. Lil girl bounces up and down saying "Chickee chickee chickee" on and on and on. She's adorable. More pictures to be updated on my chicken page as soon as I get a chance to sit down and get it done.

Toodles peeps!

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