Tilly's Tiny Family Farm
December 21, 2014 Soap

Made my first batch of homemade soap today. I bought a soap making book and it turns out that the author is known as the Soap Queen. Cool huh? I made a basic castile bar with no fragrances or colorants. I figured I should learn the basics first. It went pretty well I think. I made two batches. I have to wait for it to sit for 24 to 48 hours before I can pop them out of the molds. I'll take pictures once I have something to snap at ;D Toodles peeps!

December 11, 2014 Snowplow!

Bank approved our small loan for a used truck with a snowplow! Its a sturdy and reliable truck and we get to go get it tomorrow. We're looking forward to this new development! Wish us luck and toodles!

December 8, 2014 Snow

Sounds like the bank is willing to give us a small loan for a snowplow! Then all we have to do is line up more clients. We have a few already and it could turn out to be a good Winter. Even without too much snow, Eelpout weekend usually brings in a lot due to the strong winds blowing all the snow around the lake. People constantly need to be plowed out and are willing to shell out a few extra bucks to save time. As long as we make enough to pay back the bank, it'll be awesome.


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