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January 24, 2014 Chicken Soup & Recovery

chicken soupBeing sick is not one of my favorite ways to spend a blustery, chilly week. Especially when two of my children and hubbie share it as well. Thankfully my lil girl escaped without so much as a headache or cough. In fact she made us feel more tired with all the jumping, skipping, singing, dancing, hopping, giggling, and other stuff she was doing. Thankfully she picked on daddy more than mommy since I had two full nights without sleep. Keeping temperatures down on my oldest was tiresome but rewarding. Hes in recovery mode as well as the rest of us. No way do I want to have to take anyone anywhere when its so chilly and windy. They would just get worse.

One thing I learned how to do this week was homemade chicken noodle soup. I mean I've made it before, but try making it gluten free and from scratch? THAT was a first. I managed to do okay until it came time to make up gluten free egg noodles to add to the pot. I managed to botch and waste a good amount of rice flour, cornstarch, oil, and eggs. After getting highly frustrated, and after two days with not much sleep (naps... good luck with that when the youngest wants to cuddle!), I finally arrived at a consistency I liked. It didn't smell bad either. So crossing my fingers and tossing the dough into the pot lil by lil I waited impatiently to steal a cooked piece for taste.

I was surprised, even tho my soup ended up lacking some flavor or punch, the noodles tasted excellent. My first set of homemade gluten free egg noodles off the cuff. I had basically thrown the recipes I printed offline into the garbage after my 3rd bowl of botched dry paste and just started throwing things together. That doesn't happen often and I'm still trying to figure out how I did it. I know what I put in it, just not how much of everything. So next time I make it, I'll measure. Then I'll post it up for you peeps to read and try.

After doling a bowl out to each kid and the celiac hubbie I managed to hoover my bowl down between hacking coughs. I have to say I was coughing less by the end of the bowl and the children kind of picked at this 'new' invention of mommy's. My oldest ate all the chicken pieces, my middle child ate a few bites, and my youngest kind of hoovered it before abruptly stopping, wiping his mouth, and says in a small voice "Mo? Mo please?" He ate a few more bites after the refill. Hubbie demolished his as well and now we're all a bit better and on the road to recovery.

On top of this school was canceled for my oldest for his online public school because of the weather, so no homework! Healthy day to all of you and toodles peeps!

January 12, 2014 Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies

oatmeal cookeisMy husband came up with a recipe for oatmeal cookies, I tweaked it a bit and came out with another kid favorite. This recipe is now listed with my other recipes with a nice lil picture. So enjoy the new link for Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies. Happy day and toodles peeps!

January 5, 2014 Cold Weather

So it is supposed to get anywhere from -30 to -50 degrees F at the last check I did for tomorrow. Radio station is saying it hasn't been that cold for 40 years. That is without windchill. I have to work Monday, so I hope my car starts. Going to dig out the scarves and wear double or triple layers.

I find it ironic that on the worst weather days...people are in the stores clearing off shelves. The day has already hit and people are still shopping in panic because they might run out of canned beans or something later that day. I mean really people? Its one thing if its a blizzard...get your stuff get home. When its just temps..... stay home unless you have to get something. Then send someone else to the store if you can. I see families in the store, young kids with cheeks that look like they're almost frozen or are improperly dressed for this weather. So please don't freak out over the temps. Keep your kids home, warm, and safe. Toodles!

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