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July 26, 2014 Update

Nevis Muskie Days was this weekend and boy were we busy. So busy I didn't get any pictures taken! Taking a little break this week from painting rocks and unwind from all the hoopla. Toodles for now!

July 26, 2014 Nevis Muskie Days

Nevis Muskie Days is this weekend so its been a long week. Friday we set up for Akeley Farmer's Market and then headed over to our spots in Nevis, conveniently where we usually have our Farmer's Market, to our Muskie Days spots. We'll be headed over there today in a bit and hopefully remember to take the camera today.
Toodles peeps!

July 20, 2014 Update
The new garden in the field, we shall call East Field Garden... for there shall be more! Mwhahahaha! er... hi! Here is what our field looks like....as of 3 or 4 days ago tho... the deer ate almost all our beans and peas in a single night...and the sunflower seeds. So I am letting the milkweed take over a bit since I saw tiny monarch caterpillars everywhere. Yay! Boo for the deer tho. Can't wait to get a high tunnel greenhouse so they can't get my food. We had plans of selling a lot of produce at the farmer's market, but that leaves out a few crops there. What little is left we'll can or freeze for ourselves since that was part of the plan too.
Our little helpers holding the ends for the drip tape. Below: Friday morning I couldn't sleep so I got up early to pick lettuce for the farmer's market. The sunrise was red so I snapped a few photos.

July 18, 2014 Roaming Chickens

My oldest boy decided he was going to help me get ready for Farmer's Market in Akeley this morning. I gave him the task of feeding the chickens the extra lettuce. I forgot to tell him to stuff the lettuce through the gate... so when I found him.... the door to the run was open and all the chickens were out eating the lettuce he had scattered.

He had such a bright smile on his face "Mom they like me!"

How can I be upset with such a cute scene, especially when it was my fault for not informing him to not open the door as he did. So the quickest way to get them back in was to grab 2 green tomatoes and toss them in the run. All but 5 followed the tomatoes.

The remaining five eluded me for a while as my son is laughing at me and trying to help me chase the chickens. Until I finally got the bright idea to use the small roll of chicken coop wire nearby as a portable cage. By unrolling it a bit I could trap one or two near the fencing and grab it without as much stress so I could rejoin it with the others. I had one stubborn rooster decide he'd rather climb up the rolled up wire and out the other side. Smart little bugger!

After about 20 minutes, peace was once again restored and we were just in time to leave for the market.

Anyone else have any funny stories about chickens? Talk to you later peeps! Toodles!

July 11, 2014 Akeley Farmer's Market

Had a busy Farmer's Market today over at Akeley. One of the other vendor's had wild blueberries and fresh picked strawberries. Another vendor almost sold out of her breads and rhubarb cakes. I need to paint up some more bumble bees and frogs. I sold out of tree frogs again. Thats a good problem to have tho.

Tomorrow is Nevis Farmer's Market from 9am to 1pm so I will be there with even more product.

July 6, 2014 Farmer's Market

We set up at the Akeley Farmer's Market on Friday. Met new people and had some fun. Nevis Farmer's Market on Saturday was fun too, we had a lot of customers stopping at our booth and buying a painted garden rock or two. We've signed up for Muskie Days as a vendor for July 25th and 26th. We'll be at the Akeley Farmer's Market Friday morning and then head over to Muskie Days afterwards.

All our gardens are planted although we might keep planting radish and beets every week for a few more weeks. I need to take a picture of our new garden in the field. We have little plants popping up already. Buckwheat, beans, amaranth, sunflowers, and even peas! We harvested our first radishes from our East garden. Purple Plum and Pink Beauty. Lettuce will be ready soon and Kale is ready, I just need lettuce bags. Not sure yet what I will do for that. I'm not prepared with plastics and appropriate bags this year, but this is our first Farmer's Market this year and it is a big learning experience. I have all kinds of ideas to incorporate into next year.

There isn't much advertising done for the market. The vendor in charge has decided she doesn't want to do it anymore, so she has left me in charge. I am getting a lot of input and help from the other vendors. I am hoping to put up a facebook page and get a freebie website for it so there is more information out there about the market. I'm thinking flyers should go up right before we begin and maybe an ad in Nevis's newspaper before we start for the year. A simple pamphlet could be made and put in the town's information booth to advertise on days we are not there (since we set up right by it). Bigger temporary signs that can be clearly read from the road by passing cars without effecting their driving.

I still need to find out what I need permission to do from the town's chamber of commerce, but I have a lot of ideas to get the word out there.

I suppose, I should go paint some more rocks. 3 weeks until Muskie Days! Toodles peeps!

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