Tilly's Tiny Family Farm

June 19, 2014 Updated

Been a couple weeks since I updated... bad Tilly bad... lol

Too much rain and wind for last Saturday's Farmer's Market, so I spent the day being productive. Came out with some new turtle designs for my rocks.

We started tilling up the new garden in the field. Because of rains this year and this being a new garden, we won't get corn planted in it this year. We're aiming for grains, peas, beans, pumpkins, squash, and other veggies we haven't planted yet.

The buildings are a friend's fish houses, he rents them in the Winter and is going to start keeping them here so its easier for him and my hubbie to get them on the local lakes next Winter.

We added on to the coop's fenced in area, we have to move it around again already, but here is the size of it at the moment. They ate the grass down pretty fast, maybe 2 days to finish it all off. Its a good thing I pick them fresh greens everyday. We live right next to a highway so letting them loose isn't really an option. We also take into account the 2 families of Bald Eagles that nest on the DNR property a few acres away. They like to circle above our chickens and then fly on.... thankfully.

Friendly hen clucking up my hubbie.

First chicken tractor design, rested a few boards along it to keep more rain out. We had a few get sick and die. They have a heat lamp in the enclosed area now tho and are doing much better.

Chicken tractor version 2. These are our Americauna. We have 9 of them and they are very skittish at the moment. First day out of the brooder and and I'm snapping photos of them. This was just yesterday.
Our South garden, mostly herbs and kohlrabi. The only garden we have to plant yet is the new one in the field, which we're hoping to do tomorrow. We also have a partial row of tomatoes we're adding to the East garden once we get more dirt hilled up.

East Garden, far right row is going to be more tomatoes and we're going to add Sweet Potatoes.

We also plant a lot of these tires. This year we planted Kale in all of them, except one. One has Rhubarb.....mmmmm!

Here's an update on our mascot chicken Soup. On the right you can see 2 of his 3 girlfriends with him. They follow him almost everywhere and he will give them choice pieces of dandelions. We're going to keep these 4 for breeding.

I think that catches up most of what we've gotten done, except a picture for the completed West garden which has garlic, onions, and some lettuce.

So, have a wonderful day and toodles my peeps!

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