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March 26, 2014 Chickens!!!

chickensOk, first off... don't freak over the dead looking chicken on the left in this picture... its not dead. Its only MOSTLY dead... (yes that was a Princess Bride quote)

So around 8:45 AM we received our long awaited phone call from our local post office saying our chicks had arrived. My husband made a mad dash for them while I got the warm water ready, filled the feeders, and turned on the heat lamps.

As soon as he walked out the door, my lil girl woke up asking where daddy was. I told him he went to get the baby chickens and she proceeded to jump up and down going "chickee chickee chickee" loud enough and repetitious enough to wake her lil brother (the oldest slept through all of this).

Then daddy arrives home, hero of the day since he brought in the chicks and his lil girl is beaming with all her pretty smiles. He takes the top off the box and I snapped this picture. My husband started to look over the chicks and put them in the temporary brooder as he counted them (they did not need to be led to the water or food, they ran to it and devoured quite a bit with no help before using the long box as a runway). Hubbie assumed the lil chick on the far left in the picture was dead. So me never having chicks before and too softhearted for my own good, got a lil teary.

Then I saw it twitch.
"Hon, that chick just moved," I said.
"No, its gone," said my hubbie.
So I proceeded to watch it closely. 10 seconds later it moved its head.
"Hon, it moved again."
"Naw I don't think so."
A minute later it moved its whole body a bit.
"Did you see that?! It moved! Its alive hon! Will it make it?"
He watched the chick as it moved a bit and said, "Well I'll be darned."
He picked it up and mentioned it was awfully cold and probably wouldn't live long. Both lil girl and me gave him watery eyes over this poor small creature dying in our midst. He handed me the chick and told me to keep it warm. He went back to counting chicks and getting the rest settled.

The cute little thing burrowed into my hands gently and kept tipping its head backwards into my thumb. I kept getting nervous about it dying in my hands. Hubbie finished with the other chicks (we ordered 75 and they send an extra per 25 in case of deaths...so 78 total we had counting the one fading). He took the chick to keep it warm and try to coax some warm water into its beak.

I headed next door to work for my mother at her greenhouse business (its transplanting time of year). A little before noon I get a call on my cell from the hubbie. Apparently my little peeper survived. First it started to stand, then bounce around his lap, then opened its eyes, and then he put her in with the others. It ran for food and water and he lost track of which one it was. He thinks he knows which one from the markings, but she has blended well with the others otherwise.

So 78 baby silver laced Wyandottes, yay!

Side-note: Hubbie asked lil girl what she wanted for lunch. She pointed at the chickens and said soup. He had himself the biggest laugh!

Check out my chicken link up top to see more photos, I'll copy paste most of this blog post over to it as well. Toodles!

March 25, 2014 Chicken Update

Chickens weren't delivered this morning. Due to the cold, our shipment was held back so our chicks wouldn't freeze. Supposed to be a nice day tomorrow so I hope its nice enough for our chicks to get here. I want to get them all set up with warmth, food, and water. Toodles!

March 23, 2014 Frost Dates

Farmer's Almanac for this area says the frost has a 50 percent chance to end on May 9 and 50 percent to start on September 28. That gives us about 4 1/2 months for the growing season if its accurate. On the list for next year is grow lights. I unfortunately do not have any at this time so we won't have a head start on any produce we plan to sell. Some of the starter plants we usually get from Rhodes Garden Center next door will get planted if the frost doesn't fake us out this year. (The frost a few years ago wiped out a good portion of already planted tomatoes and she sold out pretty quickly)

I am hoping Winter lets go on time or sooner. Hopefully you are all staying warm! Toodles!

March 21, 2014 Facebook

I created a facebook page for this website I have here, it has no content at this time, but feel free to like it. https://www.facebook.com/TillysTinyFamilyFarm
When we get our chicks next week I will be updating a little more, I have added a chicken page, but there is nothing there just yet. Will post garden photos as well once all this new snow is gone.

March 17, 2014 Monarch Watch

I read an article in Mother Earth News on MonarchWatch.org and I just had to look it up. You can get certified as a Monarch Waystation after going through the application process and paying a small fee. The Monarch Butterfly is in danger and many are creating small areas for them to survive and flourish. I didn't realize my own lil homestead, which is chemical free, qualified as a waystation. Tho not certified, it's nice to know I'm making a difference somewhere.

Hopefully you will find a way you are too, toodles!

March 13, 2014 General Update

So much going on! Silver laced Wyandotte chicks are shipped on the 24th so we have to get everything ready for them. Averaging between 30 to 40 degrees this week so the snow is melting like crazy and the driveways are a marsh of get-stuck-ed-ness. Have all my items for making soap now, just have to make an apron and clear out a good area in my kitchen. Might have to get the hubbie to finish my new kitchen counters first, then I think I'll have enough room to start. Perfect timing since the weather is getting better and I'll need to ventilate the kitchen well.

Hubbie finished tearing apart one side of my pantry/laundry room and I have 3 times the space on that side now for all the goodies we can and buy with coupons. I am not an extreme couponer, but I do watch the sales and stack the coupons. None of the local stores double or triple coupons so it doesn't get too intense for that. I do however use ebates.com and do any shopping I can online. Walmart.com is on ebates and usually has 1 to 2 percent cash back. So if I order pullups and cat food and select the pick up today method, I can get my stuff later that day when I'm in town and still get 1 to 2 percent cash back online through ebates. It adds up after awhile. Amazon.com is usually where I get my books and movies...they usually have 3 percent cash back, but sometimes its limited to only certain departments. Make sure to watch that fine print. It changes often throughout the year.

Hubbie fixed my sewing machine, so I have caught up with mending and general sewing projects that were stacking up. All that is left is a skirt or two and an apron!

Anyhow, off to town to pickup pullups and cat food, toodles!

March 7, 2014 New Gluten Free Flour

So I ran out of Bob's Red Mill all purpose gluten free flour. I have to special order it in 25 lb bags which save me about $40 in the long run. Hmm.... what to do in the mean time since I am absolutely out and broke for the most part? Well, I was ad matching at Walmart and found King Arthur flour which also says its a gluten free all purpose flour. Time to try something new.

Made pancakes this morning with the new flour. Turns out its almost the same, not quite as sweet, but still not really a noticeable difference. So all is good until I can order again. The best part of the pancakes this morning? My lil girl decided she was going to dump the ingredients in the bowl and stir for mom. She was doing well until she got bored of stirring and ran off to play with her lil brother. She kept coming back to check up on me tho to see if the pancakes were done tho. I actually had a few leftovers to freeze for later :D.

Thats all for today folks, toodles!

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