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May 31, 2014 Rain and Farmer's Market

It started raining as soon as I got to the Farmer's Market this morning... I arrived a bit early and waited patiently until a truck pulled up. The rain lightened up to just a small sprinkling, so we started getting stuff setup. I have to say I met a lot of wonderful people today and had a lot of positive input about my rocks. For a first day of the season we had a nice amount of people pop over to see us.

Not only did I have a lot of fun, but I made some new friends too! I also met a lot of people that know relatives or knew me when I was knee high and my grandpa was alive. He used to call me "Shortpants" and a few of them chuckled as they recalled. I also got the nicest compliment today. That I laugh like my mother. Everyone calls her "Sunshine" and a few call me that too.

So off to bed for me. Toodles!

May 31, 2014 Farmer's Market!

Today is the first day of our Farmer's Market season for Nevis, Minnesota. So stop on by and see what we have for sale. I will have a variety of my hand painted garden rocks and a purple pansy stepping stone while my hubbie has a small selection of baby and adult crocheted hats and napkin/card holders in a variety of colors.

90% chance of rain today too, but if you are as excited as I am....stop on by anyway! Toodles peeps!

May 25, 2014 Gardens

Busy weekend! Made it to my step-brother's graduation, worked for my mom for the weekend at her greenhouse (and by weekend I mean Wednesday to Sunday....lol), and got my tomatoes planted. We also got our East garden planted with all of our root vegetables and a few lettuces and oriental greens. Pictures will come soon, once I recover from a little sunburn....and yes... I even had sunblock on almost all weekend.

Kids are loving the nice weather. Playing in the sandbox, running through the sprinkler, playing on the swingset, and dumping green weeds into the chicken coop run. So far they are more interested in the chickens.

Well, I'm going to go eat some nice grilled burgers and relax for the first time all weekend! Toodles peeps!

May 18, 2014 Poor Thing

Well, yesterday we lost one of the yellow chicks. A few of them had pasty butt when we got home... many at the store did so it looks like someone was not taking care of the chicks first thing after arrival. We cleaned up our chicks, but the one was so stopped up it just didn't have the will to go on. Wouldn't eat or drink after we showed it where the food and water was. We got it to take a few sips, but the poor dear passed out a huge pile and still it wasn't enough to save her. I'm not good with the deaths of small creatures. I know it is a part of farm life, but my daughter and I still got the watery eyes and just hugged each other. It makes you appreciate the other little things in your life. So hug your little ones. Toodles.

May 16, 2014 Painting, Gardening, and Shopping

pink step stoneI finished a couple stepping stones I had for my craft business. I have a pink pansy and 2 purple pansy ones. They are available at Rhodes Garden Center in Nevis, MN along with a nice selection of my painted garden rocks.

I also got a few more rows planted in our East garden. Rest of the beets, turnips, and rutabagas are in. Hopefully tomorrow evening and Sunday we'll get the carrots and radishes in (we have 8 varieties of carrots to try this year yay!) We already had the Pontiac Red potatoes in and a couple beds of beets. Want to plant some more potatoes if we have room in this garden. Maybe if this weather holds out for next week, we can get the West gardens tilled up and ready for planting.

We ran to our local L&M Fleet and picked up some chick feed and a part for the chipper/shredder. They must have just gotten a new load of chicks, they were so tiny and cute! I could not resist! Had the whole family with and the 3 kiddos were smiling at the chicks. Then I saw they had Americauna chicks... yeah.... came home with 10 pullets. Set the brooder back up quick and hubbie got rid of any pasty butt the chicks had. Was worried about one of the chicks until it finally...unloaded. It looks much happier and comfortable now. We sat on a foot stool next to the brooder a lot tonight. Anytime my lil girl was reeeeally quiet... she was sitting still watching the chickies. They are smaller than the Wyandotte chicks when we first got them, but aaaaawe so cute!

Here's the only decent pic I have of them so far. Oh and here's a pic of one of the purple pansy stepping stones. Enjoy and toodles!


May 13, 2014 Ebates.com

For anyone who buys things online or shops at Walmart, I suggest signing up for Ebates.com for cash back at many popular stores. I usually do Walmart's pick up today for things like pullups and Amazon.com for a lot of movies or books. The nice thing? I can get 1 to 6 percent cash back on those pullups if I catch the right day or event through ebates. They send out quarterly checks if you're over $5 cash back. You can also make a few dollars for referrals, if they buy $25 worth of stuff online within a year using ebates, you get money too. So for those who haven't rushed to sign up... here's my referral code
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So clicky and sign on up to save some money in the long run. I just got a check for $10.31. It may not seem like much....but that is a lot of pullups I bought..... and that is almost another pack of pullups :D So smile and sign up if you are inclined.

Toodles peeps!

May 11, 2014 Lots To Do and Rain Rain Rain

Ok, above is the area we were clearing for our fruit trees. Its all done now and is mostly cleaned up, but the important thing is all of this years trees and bushes are planted and ready to spread their roots!

Then it rained a lot over a few days and I helped my mom out at her greenhouse for a couple days.

Today we started this (slaps up photo of our East garden). What we call True Raised Bed Gardens. The left 2 rows are Pontiac Red potatoes, next row is Crapaudine Beets and Golden Beets, then it will be Turnips and Rutabagas with a bed of Mustard greens and seeds. We will have a row of Radishes and a lot of carrots. We bought seed for 8 different varieties of carrot this year so we'll see what wonderful colors we can get to grow in Northern Minnesota.

Next we have another view of the garden and my darlings helping me cover potatoes. They took turns helping me cover them up and were so adorable while they did it!

We also doubled the fencing for the chicken coop and extended the top netting (we have eagles around here eyeing our chickens already). I haven't taken photos of that yet. We are supposed to get rain for the next couple days, so it might be Wednesday before I get to finish planting this garden. We also need to till our other sections up and plant them, plus till the field that we haven't used before. Busy busy busy year I think eh?

Farmer's Market starts the last weekend this month in Nevis Minnesota. Last year it was 9am to 1 pm. I am assuming it will be the same time, but I will probably call and check to be sure. Well, that's all the updates for now my lovelies so toodles!

May 3, 2014 Fruit Trees

Almost done planting fruit trees. I pre-ordered bare root trees from my mother's greenhouse and they arrived this week. Yesterday we started clearing out some Poplar trees to make room for all the fruit trees. Most the Poplar will be used for various wood projects and some mushroom starters. Altogether we ended up with 2 cranberry bushes, 2 pear trees, 2 crabapple trees, 12 apple trees, and 4 cherry trees.

We planted 5 apple trees and 2 apricot trees last year, but we're not sure if the apple ones are going to make it. 4 of them were gnawed on during the winter by a bunch of mice. So the bottom 20 inches of each of 4 apple trees has had the bark stripped. We tried the honey and tape method so we'll see if it works. Evidently if you spread honey on the area, the honey is supposed to heal it. But you need to put something over top of it so nothing eats that off too.

We have the cherry trees and 2 Honey Crisp apples left to plant and then we can start tilling up our East garden. Potatoes, turnips, carrots, and other root veggies are going in that one this year. Depending on how much we get tilled up in the west field, will depend on how much of other stuff we can plant. Although I have a spot for perennial herbs this year so I am excited about that! I have starter plants for Lovage and Lemon Balm. I plan to get some Echinacea this year too. My mom got a new pink one that looks neat and my other Echinacea didn't survive a few winters ago. Then there is Catnip, Borage, and more! (insert evil, maniacal laugh) mwhahahahahahaa! er...hi...

Anyhow, off to plant the rest of those trees! Toodles lovelies!

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