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November 30, 2014 More crafts
I finally got all my current paint projects done! My new barn owl design, joker poker pansy, and another red pansy. I can clean up my paint area and start some turtles again! Enjoy peeps, toodles!

November 25, 2014 Randomness

Not sure if I mentioned yet that one of my Americauna is laying light green eggs? Well she is. I think its my snow white one, but I'm not 100% sure. I also have a silver laced wyandotte that is laying brown eggs with little white speckles. They are adorable. We were up to 10 dozen extra eggs and when I sent the hubbie to the feed store, he actually came back with money after selling them our eggs and picking up a bag of feed. Our ladies are making their way! Snow has settled in here now, we had a nice weekend and changed all the bedding in the coop so our ladies are all happy with us. One of my Americauna jumped on my right shoulder today too. They are getting soooo friendly. My hubbie named one of the hens Penny. She sits there and just chats you up and follows you around the whole time. Its adorable.

Anyhow, back to lessons with the kiddos. Toodles peeps!

November 17, 2014 Woot!

Got my Firearms Safety Certificate today! I so happy!
November 16, 2014 Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!
One of my Americauna's started laying eggs the other day. I have 2 light green eggs now. Tho now I am also getting about 9 to 13 eggs a day....all the chicken books I read said that chickens don't lay as many eggs in Winter as in the other seasons.... I don't have any customers yet since this is our first Winter, but I know I can sell my extra dozens to the feed store which would work out great right now. I won't get as much for them, but at least they won't go bad and it helps to pay for their grain feed. (so anyone in the Nevis, MN area.... I have 4 full dozen farm fresh eggs right now. They are all brown eggs except the light green ones. I will be selling them for $3 a dozen and there are a lot more to come at this rate...I have almost another full dozen too.) I actually ended up with 16 eggs today. Thats the highest its been so far and one of my hens is laying jumbo sized ones.

I finished the last of four butterfly stepping stones, it just has to dry overnight before I can seal coat it. I started the last four pansies for the Winter and then all of my blanks are done until hubbie pours me more circles. I am making 2 red pansies and 2 joker poker face pansies. Then I get my counters and dining table back yeah! Still working on my owls, have been trying to keep up with chores, lessons with the kids, and taking care of the chickens takes about 5 times as long when I have to haul water back and forth from the house. Tho in the Summer my chickens weren't laying yet either so I didn't need to gather eggs twice a day.

Well, stay warm peeps and toodles!
November 5, 2014 Stepping Stones
Been working on stepping stones for the next Farmer's Market season. I want to get some for both the market and my mom's greenhouse biz set up so I'm not racing so much next year.

3 of 4 of the Yellow Swallowtail Butterflies are done. 2 are already sold. I have 2 pale yellow pansies and 2 blue pansies all ready for next season. I just need to finish the last butterfly and then I have 4 blank step stones left until we pour more. I am thinking 2 red pansies and 2 joker poker faced pansies.

Hoping to finish my owls within the next week, maybe before I start the next round of pansies.

Well, toodles peeps!

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