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October 26, 2014 Chores

What have we been up to? Chores! What else is Fall for besides admiring the leaves? Cleaned up around the house so its ready to bank it with dirt. The bricks have become exposed and the bathroom gets reeallly cold in the Winter. Hubbie cleaned up a bunch of stuff around the yard that always seems to accumulate throughout the Summer. Raked fallen leaves into the garden for natural compost. We went to our local FSA to register for a farm tract number. We also helped my mom replastic one of her greenhouses.

At least 9 of our chickens are laying. We found 4 eggs 1 night and 4 the next morning. So we figure at least 9. My lil girl has some "chicken boots" now so I took her into the coop today and showed her where the eggs come from. She was super excited to be able to pet some of the hens. They are so friendly!

Well, I'm off to bake some homemade bread, toodles peeps!

October 20, 2014 Officially Official

We are officially a business! We are registered and are also applying for a farm tract number. We will be using all that to help us apply for a grant in our county for a free greenhouse. We become part of a 2 to 4 year study, after which we get to keep the greenhouse! So one more goal for this year checked off. Now to file a few more papers and get some more stuff finalized!

Also got a lot of tools and machines winterized and stored today. Kids pooped themselves out running around and jumping in the leaf piles I made. Mr. Soup kept crowing at us and strutting around doing his little chicken dance. We're up to 18 eggs from our chickens so far! Seems like once a week 3 chickens lay at the same time, but more are starting to lay.

Got a catalog for bee, honey, soap, and candle making supplies the other day. I finally got to go through it and I love all the fun stuff inside! Our goal is to start beekeeping this next Spring and I want to start with 2 hives to increase our chances of 1 surviving the season. We are also planning additional plants to add to our gardens and fields. I'm trying to add more plants that bloom most of Spring to Fall. They really liked the bee balm, apple blossoms, and hyssop we planted this year.

I suppose, I just got my Grit magazine today so I'm going to go read that. Toodles peeps!

October 12, 2014 Anniversary

Today marks 10 years married to my wonderful husband Shawn. Without him I would be lost and with him I am whole. Together we have brought 3 beautiful children into this world. We have tilled new soil, we have planted seeds and trees, and we have reaped a bounty that will last a lifetime.

When I break it, you fix it. When you hurt yourself, I patch you up. When I'm sick, you pamper me. You always hug me and tell me you love me every day. Even when I'm in a bad mood or have a temper, you are armed with chocolate and kisses. You know when all I need is a hug. We have even started finishing each others sentences and having the same thoughts. We have become one wavelength over the years, but we still value each others opinions and quirks. I love you more and more each day...

...more than words could ever say.

October 8, 2014 EGGS!

Our silver laced wyandotte's have laid their first eggs! We got two perfect brown ones. Compared to the store bought white one on the left, they aren't too much smaller. They have the same length and when candled they had a small perfect bubble. I am so proud of my little ladies! This means they will all start to lay soon....well at least the wyandottes....the Americauna ladies will still have about a month yet. I'm actually surprised these ones weren't fertilized.....Mr. Soup has been really.....protective of his ladies lately. :D Well there is my good news peeps, toodles til later!

October 7, 2014 Update

Finished more crabapple jelly and butter, re-batched some plum jelly that was a little too liquidy, started storing all the jams, jellies, and butters in their spot in the basement, and the kids helped me pick up and clean the house yesterday. Been a pretty productive start to the week. That is also on top of lessons through online public school for the oldest 2 (which is almost like home school until 6th grade with all the hands on learning) and helping daddy with paperwork for the computer jobs hes been doing lately. Uff da!

I have grape jelly to re-batch yet and I need to see if my uncle's crabapple next door still has some fruit on it. I'd love to get another batch or two of crabapple butter and jelly. Also on the list is painting stepping stones for next year and to finish up the ones my mom wanted me to paint for her. I have small hand painted garden rocks of bumblebees almost done and ready to be sealed, owls are close to being finished, and I have to seal the small round step stone of a pink butterfly for my lil girl.

We baked some homemade gluten free bread yesterday and tomorrow afternoon I get to do some grocery shopping. Time to stock up on a few things again.

Our one and only vehicle decided to crack its exhaust right next to the manifold.....I think I am typing that right. Lot of work to make it not so loud, the power steering is gone in it now, and the front end is making wierd noises too. Our loyal van is ready to die peacefully I think. Had to borrow a vehicle from my mother-in-law. She is such a sweetheart. Sounds like shes going to let us buy it from her. She ended up with the vehicle after her brother recently died from cancer and she is trying to pay off the small loan it has on it yet. If we 'buy' it from her we'd just take over the loan I think. Works out for everyone in the long haul I think. Hopefully once that is paid off we can acquire a 2nd vehicle so we are not in between a rock and a hard place if one vehicle capoots.

Anyhoo... lessons to do and dishes calling my name so toodles peeps!

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