Tilly's Tiny Family Farm

August 16, 2015 Major Update

Sorry it has taken a bit to write again, been trying to multi-task like crazy! The last weekend of July we had the Blueberry Festival which was a ton of fun! Here are some pictures of our booth, the parade, and a few other this and thats.

To the bottom right is the Kids' Tractor Pull.

Besides the festival, we have been harvesting what we can (some of it before the hail storm we got thankfully), canning, going to Akeley Farmers' Market, getting kids ready for school at the end of this month, had a family reunion, and are currently trying to Fall clean and declutter the house. We got a great deal on carpet and some wooden chairs I need to make over. We'll start redoing carpet in each room of the house as we clean. Empty the room, paint, recarpet, and only what we want to keep goes back into the room. Big job, but the house will look sooooo much better since the kids have gotten through that I wanna draw on the walls stage.... so lots of primer....

Well, we have to go tag our chickens (simple leg tags) for the ones we are keeping from this year. The older ladies were our first flock here so they won't need them. Next year newbies will be tagged with a different color and so on and so forth. That way the older ones may become soup at a certain point and we can keep some of our genetics straight.

As soon as we get the chicken plucker built we will start butchering our meat birds. Once we have a decent amount done we will post on Craig's list, since we'll be selling quite a few of them. We have over 100 to butcher, but we'll be saving some of them for ourselves too. Hopefully I will have enough freezer space by then :D.

Anyhoo, I need to go take care of chickens so toodles peeps!

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