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December 27, 2015 Fast Winter

It seems like a fast Winter here on the farm. It is currently Winter Break for the kiddos, but it doesn't mean we are lollygaggin around either. With all that comes in Spring I am trying to get my cleaning done early. Tore apart our bedroom for the most part and put in new-to-us carpet. Used, but like new carpet was a great deal! We got enough for the 4 carpeted rooms in our home. It seems slow going, but when you factor in all the cleaning, decluttering, and recycling going on it gets to be quite a bit. I have been wanting to declutter our home for a while and its a great opportunity to do so. I already decluttered everyone's clothing and packed away the seasonal stuff. Clothing was donated to a local thrift store along with shoes that no longer fit. Its amazing how quick the kiddos grow! I have a big closet shelf to clean up and a book shelf in the bedroom too, but I want to get as much carpet in over this break as possible so I am working on cleaning up the kids' room. I can't wait until we get an addition on the house so everyone can have their own room.

Toys and stuffed animals are on the next to do. Everything gets cleaned. Everything is gone through. If its a game missing pieces....can we repurpose the pieces or recycle them? Those cardboard game boards can always go to my uncle's for his wood stove if they are beyond saving. If its something they'll miss if I throw or get rid of I can box it up and 6 months later its like a new toy! I have to move the dressers and beds out of the room which will require a couple tools for the beds. Then out goes the old carpet and in goes the newish.

I can't believe there is only 1 week left of Winter Break already. Trying to get a lot done in a little amount of time, but its flying fast. I also have some painted rocks in progress for this Summer and I have to clean around the new counter skeleton so we can get back to that. Once its done I can move our pots and pans out of totes and the one small cupboard I have for them.

February we'll start incubating so I need that counter done before then. Our little girl is already asking about baby chickies all the time. Her favorite are the yellow ones that turn into white puffballs and the ones that look like someone glued a cotton ball to their head.

I suppose I should go get a start on dishes and laundry so I can get to the other cleaning later. Have a great day peeps!

December 8, 2015 Winter is Here

Last week we got at least 4 inches of snow so I can officially say it is Winter. Our lil ladies are happily clucking away and laying a bit more than I would like this time of year. At least we won't run out of eggs eh? Finally replaced the heat bulb with one of those darker, red bulbs so they won't lay quite as much. The feed store actually didn't have any eggs for once so I was able to bring in 13 dozen and get a nice discount on our layer feed. Hubbie thinks with all the bird sickness that went around last Spring maybe a lot of people had to cull more chickens then we thought around here. If thats the case there may be a shortage of eggs. Last year there were so many we rarely got to sell any to the feed store. Also could be we are hitting the store on just the right day now. We'll have to see when I need to go in again for feed. Seems like I'm going in every two weeks.

Been doing lessons with kiddos so its been busy around here. 2 of them are doing online public school and the 3rd one starts next year....still trying to figure out how to manage that one, but I'll worry about it when the time comes. One thing at a time right?

With snow on the ground its time to switch the to do lists from outside to inside. Hubbie has all the wood for my new counters and we got a good deal on carpet...so when hes not working its either counter or carpet. There are 4 rooms to carpet and I'd like to have them all done by Spring Break. Winter Break for the kids is coming up and it would be a great time to check some things off. We also have to redo some plumbing, but we don't have the materials on hand for that yet. The new counter will need a working sink after all! I'll be happy when I have a nice place to store all my pots and pans. Once the new counter is plumbed in we can tear out the old one and once its warmer again we have a nice big picture window we got for a good deal thats going to go in.

I'm hoping we get a lot done before the incubators need to start. Once it does, everything seems to grind to a halt. Any time our little girl is awful quiet you know exactly where she is at that time. She is sitting on a little footstool next to the brooders watching baby chicks bounce around and chirp. Her favorite is any lil yellow chick. She also likes the ones with the puffball on their heads. I like em all....then again I am the crazy chicken lady right? Hubbie said he counted 63 hens and 4 roosters. I hope its enough to provide enough eggs for my Summer customers. We're going to have to set up a bigger fridge next door.

Anyhoo, time to start kiddos on lessons for the morning. Toodles my lovelies!

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