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February 26, 2015 Babies are Hatching!
The eggs in our incubator are hatching! We are up to 3 little chickens and another one currently trying to break free. My hubbie set up a webcam so feel free to watch the babies here: Decaf Is For Wimps!

Toodles my lovelies!
February 20, 2015 Bees and Brooders

Not pictured are the two incubators we started with fertile eggs from our chickens. Next week one set should start hatching, so my hubbie is making a new brooder for them. Got all the lamps, bulbs, food, and waterers so once they hatch I'll have to post more pics and the chicken page will get some more updates :D.

Well, toodles peeps!

So I ordered up my basic bee safety gear and essentials yesterday. It came today already so I decided to test out the fit. Here I am in my headgear and gloves. I have plenty of light colored clothing to use with it when handling my hive this Summer. I also ordered my nuc of bees today. I will be picking them up May 15th in Fertile, MN. Next year I hope to go up to three hives, but I'm starting this year with just one so I can get in the swing of things. I also want to see how much honey they go through in a Winter. So I will not be harvesting any honey from them this year unless the hive gets pretty close to full. Even then, any honey from this year will probably go to friends, family, and my teas for Winter unless there is a HUGE surplus.

I also finished another batch of hand painted Owl garden rocks. All seal coated, inventoried, and stored. Ready for Farmer's Market. I can't wait! To the left is a pic of the owls I just finished and below the promised pic of one of my batches of soap. You'll see plain bars of my soap and Firefly class spaceship shapes of the Serenity. I have dinosaurs too, but didn't make any on this batch.

February 10, 2015 Kicking em When He Is Down

So our 2nd rooster we kept was way too aggressive with our hens. Yesterday my husband cornered it in the big fenced area outside and put it out of its misery. No sooner does it stop twitching... the Alpha rooster, Mr. Soup, runs over to him and kicks the tar out of the body, gives a satisfied little huff, and then runs back to his ladies. Wow.... talk about kicking him when he is down huh? No respect LOL. The dead rooster is not cleaned and slowly stewing in my crock pot...hopefully he'll be edible today LOL. Oh and my ladies are much happier now.

New soap recipe is almost done setting, I seriously need to take photos of all of it and post it up. Should also put photos on the facebook page. I can't wait to test out the lather on this one tho. After a couple more batches I'll experiment with colors.

Working on a brochure and flyer for the 2015 Farmer's Market Season. I hate mental blocks. I have the logo pretty well done, but I'm not sure what information people would want to read about on it. I don't want it too full, but I also don't want it to be empty.

Anyhoo...off to take my little princess to the dentist. Yay.....eh.
Later peeps, toodles!

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