Tilly's Tiny Family Farm
January 26, 2015 Update

All you peeps should be able to get to the different chicken pages using the buttons above now if you hover over chickens. Not all the links are working properly on the Chickens page and its an issue I'm running into with this weebly builder. Tho free things sometimes glitch right?

On my fourth batch of soaps. First three batches were Castile bars (all oil is olive oil). This new batch I made has olive oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. It hardened a lot faster and I had trouble getting some dinosaurs out of their molds. Good thing some of these are going to friends and family to test out.

Found a new place right in town here to sell my eggs to. We have a place called Terrapin Station (which is an awesome place to hang out). They sell some health food as well as food grade essential oils. They have a stage for musicians and schedule events and sell musician's music. They also have pretty art work and a mural on the side of their building. I love stopping over there. I can order my gluten free all purpose flour through them in bulk and it saves me a bundle. Turns out their former farmer that supplied them with farm fresh eggs for sale was the farmer's market manager for the markets I joined last year. Well, she moved away and now I'm in charge of the markets. I also have a closer place to sell my eggs than the feed store in Park Rapids. Feel free to check out Terrapin's website by clicking here. I'll provide them eggs year round as long as they're open. :D

Have a nice night, toodles peeps!

January 14, 2015 Plans

We've been drawing up plans for our future barn (which is waaay in the future), an addition for the house (kids need their own rooms and I'd love a commercial grade cannery/workspace), and hopefully a chicken coop. The coop is a project we'll have to work on this coming summer since we will need a bigger one. We think we need to double our coop and we want to fence the whole back yard for them to free range.

I had my 2 bottom wisdom teeth removed on Monday so I'm a little sore and craving solid foods. Honey is my friend. It is sweet, slides off a spoon nice, and has medicinal qualities. :D

Well, not much else to update you guys on yet so toodles peeps!

January 5, 2015 Update

Small update, we got our snowplow....and alas there is no snow. We have been hoping for some decent snow. You know how all those drafts in the house magically appear once it gets bitterly cold? Yah, we have that going on in our house now. We usually bank the house with snow if we get any, but 1 to 3 inches that get blown away right a way isn't helping much in that. We are hoping to be able to reside at least one side of the house this Summer to solve part of that problem. We can't afford to reside the whole house at once, so we thought if we did one side at a time... its still 1/4 of the problem solved each year until its done and its less and less fuel we use to heat the house each year as we get it done. We also hope to have a greenhouse on the south facing side eventually to help bring in heat in the Winter and to start seeds sooner in the year.

I also am revamping the way I draw/color comics. It might cut the time it takes me by ....well.... a LOT! So I might be able to get my comic strip started soon. Anyhow, off to do some website updates for some family.
Toodles peeps!

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