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July 27, 2015 Newspaper

Here's that newspaper clipping I mentioned that made front page.

As soon as I get a few spare moments, I have Blueberry Festival pictures too! Toodles peeps!
July 21, 2015 Bummer

Checked on my hive the other day to find no queen, 4 queen cups, and a bunch of sugar ants. My bee numbers are severely reduced and I don't think they will make the Winter. I heard there are a few natural ways to address this issue. I put fresh peppermint in the hive and tomorrow I will be armed with fresh cinnamon sticks and brake grease (for the hive legs not inside the hive). Then I will need to rip down any grass that's too tall. Hopefully this will teach me what works. This year has been a learning experience. If this hive does not survive, I will put their few honey combs into a new hive for the bees I will need to get next year, tho maybe I need to freeze it first to eliminate any possible pests. It will crystallize over the Winter, but it will be nice for one of the starter hives next year. More to research.

Busy week this week. Blueberry Festival in Lake George this weekend. I have lots of baking to do.
Toodles peeps!

July 11, 2015 Update

Here's a couple pics of the bales hubbie harvested.

Skunk got into our coop and killed 20 of our chicks that we just put out there. We are going to try to live trap her and her babies. All of our laying hens are stressed out and not laying as much, the poor ladies.

Trying out blueberry recipes for the Blueberry Festival in Lake George. They have it the last full weekend of July.

Anyhoo I have to run off to do more errands, bye my lovelies!

July 3, 2015 Update

Fencing is up for the meat chickens and all of our lil babies are now outside. Some of the frypan special we ordered might have a few hens in it. Which is good since I need a lot of eggs next year.

Hubbie finished baling the first field. Its a little thin for the first cut, but much better quality than last year.

Next on the list... pickup the mess we made of our yard, clean the house top to bottom, rip out some carpet, and make a nice Farm sign for us and my Uncle.

Anyhoo, busy weekend coming so toodles peeps!

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