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June 24, 2015 Caterpillars, Cars, and Cameos
Checked out the garden today in the field and I have baby blue hubbard squash, baby pumpkins, some green tomatoes, and Monarch caterpillars.

Caterpillar 1

Oriental Mustards

Baby Blue Hubbard Squash


Caterpillar 2


Also weeded the veggie beds. I tend to leave any milkweed in the center of the walkways for the Monarch butterflies.

Transmission went out in our Ford on Sunday.

Wednesday's Northwoods Press newspaper had me on the front page. I didn't realize my interview about the Farmers' Markets would be on the front page, its pretty neat! I'll have to post the clipping or something once i get access to a scanner.

Anyhoo, I need to get kids off to bed, toodles peeps!

June 21, 2015 Chicken Fencing In!

Well, quite the busy week for us so far. Farmers' Market has been going good, tho it rained us out a bit on Friday. We finally decided to go home after waiting for an hour and a half to see if the rain would dissipate so we could set up. So the kids had a lot of gluten-free goodies to munch on when we got home. Hubbie at least got one small loaf of banana bread and he has dibs on the snicker doodles.

Hubbie went over to a customer's place to help set them up for incubating some fertile chicken eggs. She has her grandson visiting for a month and they thought it would make a nice project. They both sound excited for their new adventure. We wish them a high hatch rate!

We also got the fencing finished for the layers. Instead of moveable, temporary, kennel fencing; we have chicken coop wire around about half of our backyard now. The little ladies and gentlemen were so happy when we let them loose into their new enclosure.

We took pictures quick before we let them loose upon the vegetation. The stump was a rotting red oak we had to cut down, it was leaning towards the house! You can see where the edge of the temporary fencing was sitting. They started eating the bugs that were in the old leaves that had accumulated around the edges of the fencing.

Well, we have to be off.... we have to put up fencing for the meat chickens. So toodles my lovelies!

June 9, 2015 Gardens are in!

Well all of this years gardens are in finally, I waited til the rain perked them up to take pictures. Now to start back at the first garden with weeding!

Radishes posted to the left are coming nicely, lettuce on the 2nd to the bottom left is popping up, tomatoes are doing well, and the new experiment this year is posted below. We got Molokai Purple Sweet Potatoes. Only a few plants, but if we can get them to grow nicely, we might be able to propagate them for the future and offer local sweet potatoes for sale.

2nd from the top picture to the left is the big field garden. We hope to make 1 more this size next year so most of the gardens are in the field. The one next to the house is a bit too shady. Its been working, but I would like to use the space for a greenhouse instead. It would work nicely for a shade greenhouse for nursery plants.

We want to add a greenhouse on to the south side of the house as well, for starting our plants from seed without using so much space in my mom's greenhouse.

Today we have our last batch of chicks going into lock down for hatching. If we don't get enough hens to triple my laying flock for next year, I may have to order some new fun varieties from Cackle Hatchery so I can fill all my egg orders next year. We're selling out so fast!

Well toodles lovelies! I have to go check on my honey bees.

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