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March 21, 2015 Livestream

We have some eggs hatching in the incubator, here is our livestream link

Decaf is for Wimps
March 16, 2015 Dusty
Sold 10 chicks today and got a few calls for more. Guess we better get the other incubator going. We have one hatch about to go into lock down.

Here's the picture of Dusty the Americauna who lays our olive eggs. Ironic that my Grandpa's nickname was Dusty.

She also loves snow. She is the first hen out of the coop and the last one back in. She will burrow down into the snow and then fluff up and eat some of it. Then she is up and scratching in it.

Have a good night my lovelies and forgive me for the reorganizing I'm doing on the website. Toodles!

March 10, 2015 Update

Ended up with 13 chicks from our first batch. 2nd incubator failed due to child tampering. 42 eggs in our next incubator run. Took down the live stream for now. We want to put it up again when the chicks are close to hatching. Our 13 chicks seem to be growing faster than our mail order chicks of last year... hubbie is working on a bigger brooder...those 13 seem to take up an awful lot of room.

Two tires had to be replaced on our vehicle too, thankfully I was not in the vehicle when one of the tires blew. The 2nd one was close to blowing.

Almost time to start transplanting nursery plants. We're also trying to get more paperwork in for the grant for a greenhouse. Waiting for a response from them now on what is left to fill out before halfway through April.

Anyhoo toodles peeps! I'll have to post photos later!

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