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November 19, 2015 Eggs eggs eggs

Our ladies have finished molting and some of the other ladies new to our flock this year have gone into egg mode. I was trying to let them rest for the Winter while giving them a little heat to take off the edge of the impending cold. Instead I am getting around 2 dozen eggs a day! Considering I have over 60 hens I'm glad the number is lower than my overall hen population, but yikes I can't use them all that fast! So anyone wanting farm fresh eggs, I have 8 dozen currently for sale at $3 a dozen. Probably will have 2 more dozen once all of today's eggs are collected (I collect 2 to 3 times a day). Thankfully some of those we incubated won't start laying until February or March.

Anyhoo, just a quick update toodles my lovelies!

November 7, 2015 Hubbard Boutique

This year I get to do something different. In Hubbard (the city, in the county of the same name), they hold a craft fair called the Hubbard Boutique. I guess they don't get many baked goods, so one of my farmers' market friends and I were asked if we'd like to be vendors. I have to say it has a beautiful setup and everyone is super friendly. We even had people showing up a half hour before it officially opened! I didn't know what kind of reception my baked goods would get, but a lot of people were excited to see the variety between Carole's Kitchen and I (Carole is my friend from market). All my stuff is gluten free and everyone seems to know someone who is gluten free or wheat free. Below I'm posting some pics I took from my cellphone of all the pretties! (regular camera ran out of batteries)
Top 2 photos are my baked goods, next two below are Carole's Kitchen goodies.

Below top two is honey and other goodies from Double Bee Honey of Park Rapids, next three is crafties from my other market buddy Anne. The bottom right are rugs made by the Park Rapids DAC.

Cute little snowmen!

Handmade crafties! Inspirational boards and coat racks by Michelle. Bottom right picture has crafts made of shiny rocks from the north shore. Rain gauges, scrubbie holders, magnets, bud vases, and more... so creative!

Look at all these fun wearables! I definately need to bring my money tomorrow :D.
This event was today until 8pm and is also tomorrow from 10 to 3. So feel free to shop on by! Night peeps, toodles!

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