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September 26, 2015 Chickens...mmmm...tasty

Started butchering and the plucker my hubbie made works pretty well. He says he needs to fine tune it next year, but it has made the process faster then how he remembers plucking. 50 chickens in the freezer and 3 that got pan fried. So far they taste a lil tough since we butchered them so late. Not sure we'll have much if any for salable quality. I think next year will go smoother now that we have all the equipment for it. Even got ourselves a Foodsaver. That thing is cool! Works great and has a removable tray to get excess liquid out.

Anyhoo, I have to run off to work, so toodles my lovelies!

September 9, 2015 Deley

Sorry for the delay on posts. Been so busy around here. Canned about 40 quarts of tomato sauce after the hail storm so tomatoes didn't go to waste, chickens got the bad parts and were very happy about it.

Apple Jelly and Apple Butter started and a bunch more on the way. Crabapple too!

Making plans to form Nevis and Akeley Markets into 1 new market on the Dorset Liquor Store corner for next year. Still ironing out the details, but it would be a bigger market with more regular vendors and more traffic which is good for everyone. They already have a produce vendor so I can refocus on providing ourselves with food and canning fruit for market. We are working out details of where we are putting blueberry plants next year and where to get our fencing.

Might get my barn next year too if hubbie keeps getting computer jobs. He makes enough we can pay off the used snowplow we bought last Fall. Didn't snow much last year so it hasn't paid for itself much except as a hay hauler.

If we get the barn done next year, we can start getting goats if we can afford all the fencing.

Kids started school at the end of August, so I'm busy with that most the week. Instead of working only 1 day a week I am working 2, since the place I work restructured a bit so the shifts are earlier in the morning.

Hubbie almost has the chicken plucker built so we will start butchering chickens hopefully this week as well. I estimate about 140 to 150 that need to be butchered.

Canned Blue Hubbard Squash and ended up with 29 pints. Carrots at 9 quarts. Turnips at 7 quarts. Corn was a failure tho we did get seed back for the Bronze Corn. Have some cherry bushes to plant along with a couple raspberry plants and echinacea.

I have been only doing Akeley Farmers' Market lately because I have to work on Saturdays again and it rules out Nevis.

So I hope to start posting once a week again soon. Will update as soon as I can my lovelies.
Toodles peeps!

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