Tilly's Tiny Family Farm
April 29, 2016 Transplanting Done!

We got all the transplanting done next door at my mom's greenhouse. Trees were on the list today. Lot of people buying them at bare root or pre-ordered. Between that and the back orders (which we never receive) I'd say she has about half the apple trees she normally does. She got a couple apricots and some gooseberry plants this year that I have my eye on.... first things first is my blueberries. One kind is here and so we can start planting those once we prep the area (fence, soil, etc.). She ordered another 4 varieties. If all them show up I should have about 50 blueberry plants to start the year with. If I save up enough maybe I can get some gooseberries too. Next year I will probably order raspberries and a few more grapes. I plan on getting strawberries and asparagus in this year too. We have a lot of popple trees to take down yet and we might have to fence our garden since its been three weeks and still no meeting with the bank. If I don't get the greenhouse ordered before the end of next week it'll have to wait until Fall.

I can't wait to get my gourds planted. I have birdhouse gourds and louffa gourds started. We are finishing up converting a fish house to a brood house for our baby chicks. Then the frypan special chicks will be going in there right before our hatches start.

I suppose, dishes are calling my name.
Toodles my lovelies!

April 21, 2016 It Rocks!

Set up my hand painted garden rocks next door in my mom's shop now that her greenhouse is open for the season. Here's some pictures.

We also started up the second incubator.

April 18, 2016 Website Live!

Decided to give weebly a shot at the domain name so there is no longer the weebly.com after our name. We'll test run it for a year and see if I find any glitches I don't like :D

April 18, 2016 Chickies!

Friday we got our Frypan Special order with 5 free exotics from Cackle Hatchery. We put 2 kinds in one brooder and 2 kinds in the other since you get 4 varieties. In with the ones in the top picture are the exotics. We actually ended up with 119 birds upon arrival. Three years ordering from them and we have never had any dead birds upon arrival.

We have sawdust on the bottoms of these brooders, makes for fun entertainment when they take dust baths.

We also started up the incubator so we will have hatched chicks towards the end of the first week of May. These birds here are the ones we raise for butcher. We usually keep any females that are in there too, but the guys are going to make a fuller freezer come Fall.

We are also working on getting a greenhouse ordered and set up. We qualified for a grant for a greenhouse so we have to get all the paperwork in order for that.

Anyhoo... toodles my lovelies I have so much to get done now!

April 12, 2016 Chickies!

Started our first incubator yesterday. Little late for us this year, but with everything going on its taken a while. Friday morning we should be getting a delivery from Cackle Hatchery as well. Half the fun of the frypan special with the exotics is figuring out what the exotics are!

Have some software to take care of and hopefully we'll start posting some videos for youtube. I'll include links once I have them up and running.

Sorry for such a short update! Toodles peeps!

April 2, 2016 Promise of Pics

As promised I have a looot of pics. First the kids' room painting project is done. Each wall had a different movie theme.
1 Lorax
2 Home
3 Inside Out
4 Treasure Planet (Good excuse to use glow in the dark stars!!!!!)

Aaaaand yes I know the Lorax fish are pretty pathetic...but I tried.

Next are pics from when the sap overflowed in the night out of the collectors and froze into pretty waterfalls.

Next is our Molokai Purple Sweet Potatoes we started from last years leftovers.

Gremlin deciding which box he wants. He got big fast....only about 9 months old. His cheeks are so FLUFFY! *imagines Despicable Me scene with the unicorn every time I say it now*

And that my lovelies is a picture update. I already packed away the maple syrup we made but altogether it was over 2 gallons. Not bad for our first year. Toodles!

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