Tilly's Tiny Family Farm

February 29, 2016 Saw Mill

We ordered a saw mill from Harbor Freight. Digital coupons are awesome! Saved us $400 on it, plus it was already on sale. It arrived and everyone is chomping at the bit to get it set up. The plan is to mount it on top of a trailer so its mobile. Once the hubbie and his friend get their fish houses off the ice the hubbie and my Uncle Randy can get the thing set up and start her up.

We also decided to try making maple syrup this year. Hubbie is going to get the four maples we have started since this week is supposed to be good flow after today. He did start one maple yesterday and it wasn't dripping....it was pouring the sap into the container. Once its a little warmer I will take some pictures of the tapped trees. I'll also have to get a few photos of the saw mill once its together.

We purchased a video camera on sale (and free shipping yeah!) So we can start taking high quality videos of things we do on the farm and maybe even some project videos!

With the nicer weather, we've already gone into full Spring mode. Felt like we got so much stuff done yesterday. Just a couple weeks until we start transplanting at my mother's greenhouse and I will start my seeds then as well. My squash did so well having them started so early! I almost had louffa gourds last year....until we had a solid week of cold, cold rain....had the seeds out too soon.

We are going to try growing popping corn this year. Also found chocolate mint seeds and the crocus that produces saffron. All kinds of new adventures to try this year. Incubating will begin soon as well. I can't wait until we have baby chicks! We aren't going to order in any from another hatchery this year. Just wasn't enough left to afford them. We had the numbers from incubating last year tho, so I'm not worried. Next year we'll order some more Americaunas/Easter Eggers to replace the four hens we have. I think we're fine with the hens we have right now until we get a barn built.

Anyhoo...tons of stuff to get done so toodles my lovelies!

February 19, 2016 Computers...Grrr

My computer decided it didn't want to work anymore for a bit there and my wonderful hubbie/computer tech/Jack-of-all-trades man got it up and running for me again. So yeah! Extra brownie points for the hubbie!

We ordered some corn seed from Rareseeds.com so we should have corn this year if everything goes according to plan. I'm really excited to try popping corn since we go through a bunch of popcorn in the Winter.

Eelpout Festival is happening up at Leech Lake and my hubbie and his friend Clarence have been working hard with their fish rentals, making sure everything is set up nice for their customers. They did have a couple cancellations unfortunately. Here's Clarence's site (I need to update the dates on the page yet but ya) BerndtGuideService.com .They are one of the few fish rentals that provide propane for heat and bait.

Hopefully after the festival is over we'll get my counter finished and we can start saving fertile eggs for incubating. We're starting a little later this year now that we know how it all goes. We're hoping we won't have to order chicks to supplement the flock size this year...but this crazy chicken lady is itching for a few new colors to add to her flock. Not to mention my lil girl aka mini crazy chicken lady is just waiting for any chicks. Once the hatch starts we'll get the livestream going....or hook up our new video camera once it gets here....hasn't even been shipped yet I guess.

Anyhoo, I'm off to get some lessons done with the kiddos. Stay warm my lovelies!

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