Tilly's Tiny Family Farm

January 28, 2016 Website

I wanted to apologize for all the long gaps in blog posts. I have been doing some massive coding lately. With glitches I have been finding with the free version of weebly here I am reaching my limit as to what I can accomplish. I have dead links here and there that show I have the link set....and its published...only its not working for the public. *cough cough* chicken pages *cough cough* Due to this irritation I am coding an entire new site for Tilly's Tiny Family Farm that will eventually not have any dot whatevers after it. It takes a looooong time to transfer all my blogs, recipes, chicken stuff, and refind all my pictures and move them accordingly. I am still trying to figure out a background thats not too over the top while still lending a hand to our "branding". So please bare with me as I try to get this all done....I'm a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my code.....one wrong comma and it can mess stuff up pretty bad. Thanks peeps and toodles!

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