Tilly's Tiny Family Farm
June 21, 2016 Mischief Managed

Sorry to leave you all hanging on such a sour note for so long. Here's an update...the well is out. So after talking it over and estimating what other things need to be done to this old house (insulation, new siding, new windows, addition, you get the idea) we have decided this house would be better off leveled to the ground and start over. We plan on pulling a trailer house in here and doing a few changes in it before moving in to that. Once we have the time and ability we will level this house and fill in the basement. It would be a good spot for a greenhouse or two anyways. We hope to eventually rebuild in the field closer to where our barn for chickens and goats will be eventually.

On that note, my step dad got a baby goat we call Sweet Sally. She lost her mom and is only a couple weeks old. I've been helping with bottle feeding. They even got her a companion wither named Gator. Sally is a Boer goat and Gator is a Nigerian Dwarf. So the start to the goat herd is starting slowly, but surely.

We also have our frypans out in their enclosure now and out of the brood house.

Oh and our cat had kittens. Six adorable little kitties. Here is one my husband took a picture of. Two of them are so FLUFFEH! One is an orange and white striped short hair tabby and three are short haired black tabbies. They are all at that stage where they are learning how to use their hind legs and they adorably skitter across the floor as they romp around and play.

Greenhouse arrived and we are starting to assemble it. Stress is a lot lower now that we have a plan. We have to take down a sick old oak tree and have a propane tank removed, but once that is done we should be able to get some more stuff done.

Weeded my strawberry patch again. Its the first year I've had more than three strawberries and they are actually bountiful enough to steal a hand full every few days to share with the kiddos.

Anyhoo, time for me to check on the Sweet Sally, toodles my lovelies!

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