Tilly's Tiny Family Farm

March 27, 2016 Change of Plans

Have to reinstall some programs on my computer before I can get any pics posted, but the sawmill is done... sap runs for maple syrup are almost done... and we have a change of plans.

We're going to order the frypan special again since we have an order for butcher birds for Fall. On that note... anyone wanting butcher birds can preorder.....currently have an order for 18-24. We are ordering up a run of 100, so we can pad our freezer too. Incubators will start within the next couple weeks....late for us this year I know... but we WILL still have chicks this year.

We got a lot more maple syrup than we thought we would. We are going to refine our process and work on a better filtration system so maybe next year we'll be able to sell fresh, local maple syrup.

Hubbie got an area cleared for the blueberry plants we have on order for this year. We have to order up some fencing to keep the deer out of them and buy some netting to keep the birds from eating them all before we get them. I am sooooo looking forward to trying out the recipe for blueberry butter I found. I think it would sell great at the Blueberry Festival they have in Lake George. Definitely vending there again this year since we had so much fun with the kids last year.

Been working at my mom's nursery next door transplanting Osteospurnum flowers and Petunias.

No bees this year unfortunately. After losing my hive last year to sugar ant infestation...just didn't have the money this year... and we needed a sawmill. Next year I'm hoping to set up three hives so if one starts to fail, I can compensate using the other two. I'm also taking some precautions for next year. I'm prepping the area for next year...this Summer I plan to mulch the area a bit and cut out any overgrown areas to prevent ants from having ways to get into the hive. I'm also going to plant borders of peppermint around the area to persuade the ants to move on elsewheres.

Starting the counter build this week since its Spring Break. Have a few lessons to catch up with the kiddos on and then its work work work. I also almost got the kids' bedroom repainted so we'll be able to move the carpet in soon and move all the furniture back in. Plus hubbie can build the bunkbeds and we'll be all hunky dorie.

We'll let you know when we get the livecam set up for the hatcher and baby chicks. For now toodles my lovelies!

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