Tilly's Tiny Family Farm
November 20, 2016 When It Rains It Pours

Wow...its really been THAT long since I updated.....wow...sorry peeps! Its been one of those Summers where one thing wrong after the other happens. First our well went out in the house, then the electric panel was half dead so we had to shut down most of the house. After figuring out the cost of upgrading the electric and installing a new well....plus that fact all the windows and siding need to be replaced on this old house that has virtually no insulation...yeah. Cheaper to pull in a trailer, knock down the house, and rebuild from the bottom up in the field. So we've been working on pulling apart a trailer for us this Summer. Its almost done. Even though the sky decided it was a good week to dump about two feet of snow on us, the water is hooked up and we're almost done. Feels a little old fashioned to be carting water from the trailer to the house we're in at the moment, but hopefully we'll be in it finally by the end of the week. This house will be glorified storage until we have a chance to go through everything and declutter everything. At least I have a place to put anything I want to garage sale without it getting damaged eh? I can get it all priced and have a garage sale next Summer if I have the time.

We managed to get the frame for the greenhouse up, but with house problems and lack of fund initially for wood we haven't gotten it fully assembled. We have one year from the date we signed to get it up and certified for the grant. It will be the first thing we'll have to work on in the Spring. We plan on punching in some new gardens next year too, though it all depends on what equipment we are able to afford before the season since we are in bad need of a new tiller. The Frankentiller has met its doom I think.

A hen got out right before the big storm and I was afraid she hadn't made it. I found her hiding behind bales when I walked by with feed for the flock. Took me a little bit to get her, but she snuggled into me and cooed happily once I returned her to her family. She was stuck out there for two days so it was no surprise she was the first one into the feed. No frostbite or anything!

With everything going on I had a very disappointing garden season this year. Gardens were put in late so all we really got were a few tomatoes, a lot of potatoes(including purple ones!!!!!), and sweet potatoes. So no canning got done this year...though I have enough jelly, jam, and fruit butters to last be a few years since I wasn't able to do market this year either. Though I'll have to do a lot of canning next year so I have something to sell the next year. I did however find an area of my garden that Huckleberries successfully grow. I had a small crop, but the birds got to them before I did. They should reseed themselves really well next year, but I will have to order more seeds and start some seedlings so I can be sure I get a nice batch for jams next year. I also want to experiment with Huckleberry pie filling. I prefer to can quarts of pie filling so it reduces my prep time for pies later. It also keeps longer and I love having homemade apple pie in the middle of Winter using our produce from the farm here.

I'm hoping to start my youtube videos again once we're settled in at the trailer. I initially wanted to do some videos of my gluten free baking recipes, but the two videos I managed to do wouldn't edit properly and they didn't have very good lighting. Each video I do will eventually have links in the recipes section of this website. I'll post them in this blog first so you know as they update.

Anyhoo, here's my much belated update and I apologize for the time it took. Hopefully I'll be able to update soon! Bye my lovelies!

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