Tilly's Tiny Family Farm
April 26, 2017 Updates and Website Drama
So just a quick update if anyone can actually see this. My regular website is in need of renewal but weebly here still hasn't fixed glitches I have noticed so I will be working on moving my website to a new host....with that in mind I have to wait 30 days before my TillysTinyFamilyFarm.com link is available again for me to purchase through another hosting/domain server. So bare with me please.

Little progress on the greenhouse even though every time we think about working on it some more it decides to rain or snow.

Seriously WANT to raise meat chickens this year, but don't have the money or time for them with all the infrastructure we need to work on this Summer.

Hoping to grow a lot of sweet corn, tomatoes, and potatoes for sale in the Fall. I have tables and a large gazebo tent that would make an excellent temporary road side stand on days we have time to harvest and sell stuff. Hoping to do salad greens as well, but I need hubbie to build me a large salad spinner.

Chickens are laying eggs again although I don't have enough to sell just yet. I will have them next door at the Rhodes Garden Center for sale first once I get my mini fridge back over there.

Also planning on adding some more videos to our youtube channel once the snow lets up.
Thanks for your patience my lovelies!

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