Tilly's Tiny Family Farm

July to December 2015

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You can also view our livestream or old videos of our chicks by visiting here

October 20, 2015
When apples spoil or you don't have enough time to process all of them what do you do? Pamper the chickens of course! No apples go to waste around here :D

Here are a few new keepers for the next year from this batch of chickens that are unique:
Houdini aka Dini
Einstein Midnight
Sentinel aka Mr. Fluffybutt

August 23, 2015
Two different areas for chickens here now. We fenced the whole back yard and the meat chickens are in a separate pen from the layers and daddy birds. They eat the greens faster then they grow, thinking of putting more of the meat chickens in tractors next year so this isn't an issue.

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