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Tilly's Tiny Family Farm
Tilly's Tiny Family Farm is a small homestead in Northern Minnesota where we grow a variety of vegetables. We are slowly growing and selling our produce and other products at the local Farmer's Markets. We planted a variety of fruit trees, with more fruit plants to come. We plan on growing grains for our chickens which are growing rapidly. Farm fresh eggs are available during the Summer at Rhodes Garden Center in Nevis, Minnesota (right next door!) or here at the farm. We don't use chemicals. Not even chemical fertilizers. I'll post up places and times for events where I sell some of my homemade products as places and events get closer. Check out the Events/Markets page for more information. We also plan on setting up a stand right here on the farm once its closer to harvest time.

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This site originally started as a blog about our small homestead, but is developing into a home business with our mosaic of talents. The blog is about those talents and how we get through our sometimes chaotic life. After reading about The Happiness Project, I decided to try one of my own. On my own terms, which is what anyone should do if they decide its for them. So a blog was on my list and here it is, along with recipes on our site.

Tilly's Tiny Family Farm, Nevis Minnesota
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