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March 28, 2018
March 27, 2018
So yesterday we got eight inches of snow. A bit warm today so it's all turned into a sticky, muddy mess around here. That's okay tho because the bunnies and chickens are loving the weather! Bunnies had to be given snow in a second water bowl since it was getting a little too hot in the greenhouse where they are temporarily hanging out until we can get them outside when it's a bit safer. No bunny babies yet and it looks like two of the mama's stopped pulling hair. Chippy is going full boar pulling on hers tho.
Then there are the chickens. I had some lettuce and other table scraps that were needing to go out so they were having a wonderful time in the snow. Even chickens love cheerios. We threw some stale ones in the bucket and they just ran right over to the pile I poured for them.
Other than the animals we've just been cleaning up the house after having that funeral last week. Things tend to get left behind when your stressed, depressed, or just plain busy. Anyhoo, that's our update my lovelies! Be safe peeps!
March 22, 2018 Funeral, Food, Friends, and Family

My father in law said he always wanted a simple funeral. No viewing, no casket. Just cremate him, say a few words, and spread his ashes over the old family farm near Malmo, Minnesota. I think I did more baking for the after service meal than John would've expected me to. I find that some funerals can be a lovely time to catch up with family and remember good times long gone.

I have been at the kinds of funerals that last three hours and spout smoke everywhere, which is terrible for my asthma, and find that most of the details had been prepaid by someone with deeper pockets. I have nothing against fancy funerals or long services.

People believe different things. What I don't appreciate is when everyone tries to force their beliefs and practices on others. When I'm gone, I want to be cremated and buried under a fruit tree. I won't take up space in a cemetery that eventually no one will visit and I'll be useful for a tree. Win win. My husband is of the same mentality. I just hope when we go that our children or other half are not pushed into something they do not want. Why should my child pay an extra $2,000 for something that I didn't want? I understand the funerals are more for the family in some cases, but why should someone go into debt just because a couple people in the family are uncomfortable with you excluding something. They want to pay? Maybe I'll consider it, but I am by no means a rich person. I don't have much debt, I don't need to make a lot of money. Why work forty hours a week and spend my free time tired when I can spend it teaching my kids life lessons and growing my own food? My kids learn to budget, to save, to not buy everything you want. Do I really need a second television if we barely use the one we have? Nope. So the simple life is where we find our niche, our happiness. What's better than eating fresh sweet corn or petting little bunnies? Witnessing the miracle of life as eggs hatch into chicks and watching small goats grow big? My children know where their food comes from and that naming a chicken doesn't mean it saves them from the food table.

I have to say I've never been to a funeral where there is ongoing commentary from the audience. The jovial, loving, and humorous atmosphere was something I hadn't experienced in such a large way... at a funeral. My husband gave a small speech sharing fond memories and quoting a couple scriptures his father loved. He talked a bit and then his aunt read a letter she'd written to her departed brother. Then his uncle told some hilarious stories from their youth, swearing it'd be a short story. Don't ever trust a Rowland to give you a short story. He had a few hilarious memories and experiences. Another aunt got up and tried to speak, but the poor dear was too teared up to get far. His brother got up to say a few words. The main message that was shared was this: This family is precious and loved.

We're thankful to reconnect with our loved ones. Most of all today was about remembering my father in law. Journeyman steamfitter, certified electrician, master marine tech, engineer extraordinaire, family man, loyal friend, and just all around great guy. A jack of all trades and master of few.

We'll miss you John.

March 21, 2018 Food Delivery, It's Not Digiorno
Well after the kid's second day of state testing I get to run all the food I've been making the past three days up to Bemidji for the after service lunch or dinner. Sounds like a lot of friends and family are going to show up to the funeral for my father in law. I managed to get some more stuff baked up yesterday. I got another pan of fudge, this time chocolate, and two kinds of cookies. Gingersnap and chocolate chip. All the food I made is gluten free so win win. Still no baby bunnies, but my mom's other two goats Sally and Ivy both had their babies. Three boys and one girl so it brings it to a grand total of four boys and four girls. I'll have to post some pics and videos after Thursday.
So hard not to dig into all the goodies, but at least I got a few 'botched' ones that flattened badly....tasted yummy tho. Later peeps!
March 20, 2018 Sick? No no no, can't get sick it's Springtime. Too much to do!
Well, our chickens certainly like their scrap bucket. Bread that has gone bad, extra fruit the kids didn't finish from dinner, and so on. They mob it every time. Bottom right is one of my Easter Eggers posing.

I just can't get enough of these baby goats. My mom has two more ladies that could give birth anytime. Sally and Ivy. Sally looks like she might have three or four babies. She is awful big!

My throat has been bothering me the last couple days. Hope I'm not getting sick. It's Springtime so there is so much to get started on and I have a bit of cabin fever. I need to make cookies today and another loaf of banana bread. Kids begged to get into one of the other ones and the puppy dog eyes won out. Just feels like I can't get enough water and my allergies are flaring. Maybe I just need to start on my teas and allergy meds again. I don't want this to flare up my asthma more than it has to.

I took a ton of video and pictures yesterday so I saved some for today. I hope I remember to bring a carrot out to the rabbits. That makes for an adorable show. Plus Mulder was giving dad the cold shoulder when he didn't bring a treat. I actually got video of that. We're trying to find Thumper a home. He's the fluffy gray one. I keep wanting to hold him and say 'He's so fluffy I'm gonna die!' just like in Despicable Me. He's not really the type of rabbit you want when you're trying to breed meat rabbits. He was free so it was okay at the time, but I think he'd be happier in a 4H home or as a pet. No bites on his craig's list post yet tho. Not sure what the husband posted for him.

Slept horribly last night and it's still early morning....I got up to get the hubbie up. State Testing for two of the kiddos today. I might very well go back to try and get some sleep tho. I feel achy and I don't want to get sick. It's a bad time. Then again it's always a bad time to get sick. I will definitely try to stay hydrated tho.

Anyhoo... off I go my lovelies, bye peeps!

March 19, 2018 Baking and Animal Care

Sooooo busy few days ahead. Doing a lot of baking and dessert making for the after service lunch?....dinner? of my father in law's funeral. I'm making the gluten free goodies. So far I have Dreamsicle Fudge (AWESOME Stuff!), Chocolate cakes, and banana breads. Tomorrow is cookies. My feet definitely hurt after running around all day.

Then there was taking care of the chickens, who got an oatmeal raisin treat. They LOVE their chicken treats.

My mom has a goat farm called Happy Boer Farm here in Nevis, Minnesota. My mom's goat Sara had two babies today. One boy and one girl. Daddy's name is Rowdy. They are adorable and two hours old in these pics. I suppose that's it for today peeps. Goodbye my lovelies!
March 18, 2018 Bunnies and Goats Oh My!
Any day now we could have baby bunnies, tho we now have baby goats. They're actually my mom's goats, but she had one of her ladies give birth to two yesterday. Mama's name is Lucy. Mom also got a 7 month old pure Boer goat lady named Daisy. Picture bottom left is Daisy. Picture bottom right is Lucy and her babies! We also started a Dtube channel for TillysFamilyFarm. Same videos as on youTube, but we're actually making a few pennies off of Dtube. It should add up faster since I don't qualify for youTube monetization at the moment. We got the watched hours... but not 1000 subscribers. So if anyone reading this hasn't subscribed to our channel, please do. Anyhow, hoping to update the blog more since I can copy it over to Dtube and get credit there as well. Talk to you later peeps!
March 13, 2018 Bunnies
So a lot has been going on around here and I forgot to update. Bad Tilly bad! We got three new bunny rabbits. Velvet Rex breeds. All three of our does are pregnant at the moment and could give birth anytime. My mom says her goats should birth soon as well so baby videos will be on the list of things to do once they come.

So Topleft is Sully to complete our Sully and Mulder set. Topright is Inara and Left is Mal, as in Inara and Mal from Firefly. We love our sci-fi!

So bunnies bunnies everywhere! Well soon anyhow......

Got a few big snowstorms so all of our wood is covered at the moment. It started melting as well so hopefully soon we can build more cages. Think I want bigger cages for the bucks as well. They seem happier in bigger cages.

Transplanting starts soon at my mom's garden center next door. Falls the same week as my kids have state testing for school so we'll see how this goes.

On top of all of this, my father in law passed away this weekend. My hubbie and his brother have been ironing out all the details and all that entails. The kids are pretty sad about it too. Thankfully kids bounce back quick.

That's all I have for you all my lovelies. Springtime is here tho so we'll be sure to add more as we go. Bye peeps!

February 11, 2018
I want to say thank you for all those who added us to their youtube subscribes! Up to 32 now... so 968 more to go! We've been adding more videos more often. We have a pregnant bunny, but we're not sure if any of her first batch will survive. Tho bunny videos and our February update are up. We finished the new bunny cages just in time. We did manage to catch two feral bunnies, but those ended up in our freezer. Found out Molly is actually a boy so now its Maulder... as in Scully and Maulder. Next doe sooooo needs to be Scully. Below are photos of the finished cage which will house two does. Now that we know the grey one (Maulder) is male he will get moved to another cage to make room for another doe once we have one. Yesterday Chippy (our brown doe) lost two of her babies. They look a bit big and this is her first batch. She wasn't sure what was going on evidently as she had them both outside her little den. By the time hubbie checked on her they were both dead. We think she's not done yet but they can take awhile to have them all. Hopefully she has a couple inside the box this time. We might be buying some bunnies to add to our group soon. We have only one doe so far and we're hoping eventually to be able to have ten does and three bucks for breeding. If we get any living babies I'll definately update you guys more. I am also working on updating our animals page to include pictures of our bunnies. Well, I have to go feed animals and check on mama bunny so toodles peeps!
January 16, 2018 Youtube Monetization
So starting February 20, 2018 Youtube will be making changes to it's monetization of it's videos. Unfortunately I no longer qualify and the little money I have made is now stuck in limbo until I achieve 1,000 subscribers. Thankfully I already have people watching 4,000 hours of my videos within a year, but I only have 22 subscribers. 22..... out of 1,000. If anyone is feeling generous please click on the youtube link at the top of my blog page to go to Tilly's Tiny Family Farm and subscribe. It takes a lot of views to make any money at all and I was hoping to at least make enough to fund this website. Unfortunately I have yet to hit the $100 minimum cashout at all and I finally got my account 'verified' only to run into this hurdle. I kindly thank any of my lovelies who add me. I hope to be able to post more this Summer video wise as the greenhouse is done and I have a few peeps who like my monthly updates....if I can remember to post them with everything else we're getting done. I apologize for those update videos sound....wind is loud in one. I have no video editing software that actually works so I'm open to suggestions if anyone wants to leave some on my facebook page. On another note I can't seem to respond to comments on my videos... so the hubbie goes on his account to answer any questions on the video links themselves. Thanks my lovelies!
January 4, 2018 Yay

So it's been entertaining this Winter. I say that sarcastically in some instances. Someone managed to syphon fuel out of two of the vehicles here leaving us practically stranded until the hubbie could get the gas can filled. Some of our gas cans have disappeared. My uncle that lives next door has a missing, brand new chainsaw missing. I'm seeing a pattern. This pattern usually happens in the Summer when a certain person is 'visiting' his mother. Tho usually its the gas in the tractor. The magnetic block heater for the tractor got taken this Summer. Yay.... stuff to replace.

At least the greenhouse is done. I've been planning on dividing it into fourths ground wise so I can do rotation planting between the four sections. My big tomatoes will move to one quarter of the greenhouse to give them a longer warm season. Our sweet corn seed from Baker Creek will go in another quarter since we need to plant and harvest a year before we have enough of the good seed to plant larger spans. I have peanuts to try for planting in my mixed quarter. Peas and beans will go in the last quarter. Anything else mixes in with wherever I can fit them. I don't have a lot of peanuts to plant so brassicas will probably go with them. I'm looking forward to multiple plantings of peas and beans without the deer and rabbits eating them all. I only got to freeze 4 sandwich bags of beans last year.

Going to build an actual rabbit house for the meat rabbits. They are sheltered for the Winter, but once we expand on our mama rabbits we'll need a lot more room. One of our future mamas hops out of the cage and cuddles the hubbie's boots before jumping back into the cage after he fills her water. She is adorable. Her name is Molly. We have one other female right now named Chippy (My youngest named it and it looks like a chipmunk/squirrel with rabbit ears). Our only male right now is fluffy and gray....so Thumper. He likes cuddling me. We can't seem to find the cord for our camera so no pics, but when we locate it I have chicken and rabbit pics for the Fall 2017 as well.

Right now we're just trying to outlast this cold. Sometimes the tahoe wouldn't start, but hubbie fixed that problem (battery). I'm hoping to pick up some extra days at work since the end of semester is winding down and the kiddos don't have as much lessons for me to supervise. Well, I think thats it for now. So toodles my lovelies!

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