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2022 Blogs

February 19, 2022

I spent all day today ripping apart my website and analyzing all the bits that could make it break. I found misplaced commas, periods, backslashes, and so much more. Godaddy's web hosting somehow moved one of my main folders and it was like a loose screw popped out of a major componant. I have so far fixed the rabbit and blog pages, dropped unessential pages and links, and after I finish typing this... I'm giving my eyes a break before ripping into the chicken pages. Anything left after that is minor in comparison. The last two years saw me posting updates on Steemit before trailing off with how busy we've been.

Last year saw us buying two shipping containers. One is currently being used for hay until we have fencing up in the new chicken area. The other we reused old mobile home trailer windows for ventilation and cut in some air pockets. We made cages that have been tested this winter and found in need of improvement. Gives me a goal for the summer to add with all the other projects. Our bunny rabbits are now happy and cozy in their shipping container turned barn. CC especially loves to watch things outside. Scully loves her sunbeams and Inara is upset that there is no snow. We get her a bowl when there is a fresh snowfall. She hates ice chunks. JackJack is acting more like a puppy lately, tho hubbie is calling him a cabbit (cat rabbit). Have to update my youtube a bit and start posting videos again. I was posting on Dtube, but it kind of crashed with Steemit as far as I know.

Greenhouse needs repairs. Bunch of bolts sheared off behind the boards about shoulder height on the north side. Had to take the top plastic off (which had holes anyhow) and the rollup sides for winter until I can replace the boards, bolts, and plastic canopy. We're going to double the plastic this time and get a small solar fan that blows between the sheets to 'bubble' it. Makes snow slip off the sides easier.

Need to cut a bunch of lumber on the mill this year so we can save up material for a garage. First I need to clean out the big barn so we have someplace to store it. Twenty plus years of junk stored up there from grams and gramps. I'm not saying they were hoarders...but they came close sometimes. It's going to take a lot of work, but in the end everything will look a lot nicer.

I suppose, time to give my eyes that rest.

Toodles peeps!

April 21, 2022
Weather has been all over the place this week. Which just figures since our mama bunnies are giving birth. Rose unfortunately passed today. She had sixteen babies and didn't live through it. Unfortunately we didn't catch it fast enough to save the babies. We had to put Scully and CC out of their misery. The poor old dears were getting arthritic and having troubles moving. Scully loved all the cuddles and pets she got before she went. CC just seemed tired. I think if we had successfully bred them, they would've went during birthing. We do have six batches of babies right now. We had nine, but the cold came in and we lost two plus Rose's. She was our gray opal or 'blue'. We have to try and remake the blue line since she was our only doe.
2022 Summary
I totally forgot to finish this up and upload it throughout 2022. For any bits and bobs, check out the animal pages. I was much more thorough on them and there are pictures. i will try harder in 2023, but as of now its April 16... so bad me.  
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