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2023 Blogs

February 22, 2023
Did a farm update and posted it on youtube.
March 16, 2023
Big baking mood. Made a bunch of gluten free goodies: banana bread muffins, bread machine bread, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and four batches of no bake cookies from great grandma's recipe. I only stopped since I ran out of room. Yes thats homemade vanilla in a quart. baking
March 26, 2023

We got 17 chicks from an acquaintence in Lake George. My gilt piggie is in heat too. The picture to the right is the chicks papa and possible mamas.

chicks parents
stripey chickies  
March 31, 2023
The chicks have most of their wing feathers now. My sister is going to incubate us 2 batches of chicks and another friend is incubating me a batch too. At this rate I might have enough for meat in the fall too.
April 1, 2023
We milled over 1000 pounds of pig food. Took 4 hours for two of us. 5 cans full. Each can usually holds about 250 pounds. pig feed
April 13, 2023
Moved my chicks batch 1 to my aunt's chicken coop next door until we get our venting and doors in the shipping container/barn. She has a small brooder built into the storage room attached. brooder
April 16, 2023
Hubbie took a picture of Kaylee's baby bunnies. Most of what I've seen have black stripes on them, even if they're faint. kaylee's bunnies
April 17, 2023
A family friend brought me 5 chicks from L&M that she had bought for someone else only to find out that that person was getting out of chickens. So yay for me! 3 are a Sameeze or Samie or something...can't find the breed. The other 2 were an Austra something she said. They have black wings with white wing edges so far so they don't look like Black Australorps or Austra Whites....I have no clue. New Chicks
April 19, 2023
I got 25 chicks from my sister that she incubated just for lil old me! They look like lil penguin babies in their tiny tuxedos. She has a Saphire Gem rooster and her hens are Barred Rock, Dominique, Wyandotte, Saphire Gem, Aracaunas, Easter Eggers, and Rhodes Island Reds. We'll get quite the mixed bunch! Chicks from sister
April 29, 2023
We got more chicks from my Lake George acquaintence too. They hatched more than a week ago already, but they wanted to swing by and look at my bunnies and bring them by too. Lake George Chicks
May 8, 2023
Sold eight bunnies today! Mostly flemish does, but Dorian our large rex buck went too.  
May 13, 2023
Moved pigs to the pen. I have a video on youtube of them investigating a little. 3 pigs
May 14, 2023
Bought 26 chicks that my sister incubated for me. 26 chicks
May 15, 2023
Moved the first round of bunny rabbits to the field tractors.  
June 4, 2023
We picked up five goats. The large one is Mama Nellie. Her babies are the mostly white doe (Aurora "lil beasty") and the red wether (George). The black doe with white blotches is Maleficent (Millie) and the carmel buckling with white blotches is Carl. 5 goats
June 30, 2023
Chicken barn is finished! We moved 46 of our chickens over.  
July 3, 2023
We brought home five more goats. We have 2 Nigerian Dwarf doe sisters Rayne (Mostly black with a few white spots) and Willow (Half black and half white with a few black spots). A non related Nigerian Dwarf wether named Parker who is pretty gray (pictured to the right). Also got two Nigerian Dwarf wethers that are about 3 years old. Currently calling them Jeff and Bob since the plan is to butcher them once we have time. Parker
July 9, 2023
We butchered Straw the pig today. We probably got about 225 pounds off of him. Now have bacon sections in brine in the fridge.  
July 16, 2023
Butchered eight aggressive roosters today. The coop immediately calmed down.  
July 17, 2023
Moved the remaining 24 chickens to the barn and fixed up my aunt's coop. Cleaned it out and filled her feed can as a thank you for borrowing her coop.  
July 19, 2023
Chicken run done. It runs along the shipping container barn so its 40 feet by 8 feet roughly. We ran fishing line across the top to create a mesh to keep out the owl. So far its working for us and my aunts coop run area too. We've sighted a great horned owl with about a 6 foot wing span. Its beautiful, but it loves chicken. It took out a bunch of our chickens about 5? years ago. chicken run
July 29, 2023
Butchered Sticks the pig today. Man was he huge! Mama Bricks is even bigger, but she hasn't had her babies yet. Sticks was probably closer to 300 pounds. Took us 8 hours from start to finish. More bacon brining in the fridge.  
July 30, 2023
Took our old growout cages and took off some of the wood panels, fenced the holes, fixed some bad spots, and hauled them out to the field. We've had dogs coming after our rabbits and killing them. Haven't been able to pin down where its coming from, but if its coming after rabbits it may come after small children. Sturdier cages is one way to stop the dang things. There have also been coyote sightings, but we haven't seen any tracks or signs of one of them near our rabbits. Got 5 of 8 cages finished and some of the newly weaned batches away from the mamas. Boy are those mamas happy with no babies in this heat! I took a photo after we removed sections of wood, but forgot to take any after we got some fence lined and reassembled after they were fixed up. The five right most growouts are the ones finished. growouts prefence
A, 2023
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A, 2023
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