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September 30th, 2022

We picked up pigs today. They are about 80% Mangalitsa and about 20% Duroc/Berkshire mix. We got a yellow not intact boar, a stripey gilt, and a black intact boar. They sure are tasty so I'm looking forward to butchering next year.

3 little pigs
October 5th, 2022

So we got the pigs and they promptly escaped that night. They made their rounds near the apple tree for rotten apples, the crabapple tree, the edge of the done for garden, and even old rabbit feed before shimmying in between my aunt's chicken coop and the pig tractor they were meant for. We were able to catch two almost right away, but the yellow one has eluded us. They have officially been named Straw (yellow pig), Sticks (black pig), and Bricks (stripey girl). Named in order of the way we got them back in the tractor. Bricks was first and Sticks next. Hopefully Straw is caught in the live trap soon.

2 pigs
3 pigs
October 15th, 2022

We caught Straw! It was the last day we were setting out the live trap. We were about to give up on the poor little dude. Went to go get the trap to store it and there he was. He's a bit hungry from all the excitement, but he's warm and cozy now.

3 lil pigs again

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