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February 15, 2020

Rogue Checks on her Babies

Rogue makes sure my hubbie isn't stealing her babies.
February 23, 2020
To the right we have Spot being all cute and eating. Chilling in the greenhouse. Spot Eating
Inara Loves Snow To the left we have Inara, whos addiction to snow is amusing to say the least. We have to give her a bowl of water and a bowl of snow during the colder months. She likes to eat it and toss it around her cage. She prefers the fluffy snow and strongly dislikes snow chunks. She gives you the 'stare' if u give her a snow chunk.
April 2, 2020
CC is trying to tell us shes about ready to have her babies. Weiss to the right just looks sleepy. CCs Time
April 3, 2020
Rose Pose Rose, posing for the camera.
April 7, 2020
George is a new buck we got from another farm. He's a Flemish with Chinchilla pattern. He's so SOFT and FLUFFY! He lets me pet him and hug him so I'll call him George. George Joins
April 9, 2020
We got two batches of baby bunnies!
Baby Bunnies More Baby Bunnies
April 10, 2020
These guys really like the wood plank. They've been moved away from it again and again but they keep coming back to snuggle it.
Baby Bunnies More Baby Bunnies
April 12, 2020
This guy is the biggest of this batch.
Fat Baby Bunny  
April 14, 2020
This picture almost reminds me of those fluffy adorable pics on the front of some Hallmark cards. Baby Bunnies
Rose and Lola We heard the bag crinkle. You have snacks!
April 17, 2020
Babies Babies 2
Babies 3 Babies 4

Babies 5

Baby bunny overload! They're all so cute and adorable. I'm real excited about all the tri-color calico ones!

Babies 6
Happy Baby Lily's Babies
Lola Babies Above here is Lily and her babies. To the left is Lola and her babies.
Snowball Babies To the left is Snowball's babies.
April 18, 2020
Angela's babies. Angela's Babies
April 21, 2020

Cuddle Bunny 1

I got to cuddle the big fluffy one.

Cuddle Bunny 2
April 27, 2020

Angela's Babies

Angela's babies


Pretty sure these were CC's babies

Calico Baby

This is a male tricolor. I named him BB since he is my cuddly baby boy....and he likes cuddling my chest... so hes a boob boy.

Rogue Babies

Rogue's babies

Rogues Babies 2

Rogue's babies really like hiding

Rose's Babies

Rose's babies

Snowball's Babies

Snowball and her babies posing for the camera, also pictured to the right.

Snowball's Babies 2

Snowball's Babies

Snowball's babies chilling

Weiss Babies

Weiss and her babies. George is the daddy. So soft!

May 5, 2020
For some reason, no matter which batch of babies Scully has... they always love water. They soak themselves in it. Drink too fast. Make cute little chuffling sounds and sneezes. I can give them water three times a day and a water bottle and they'll still play in it. It makes for some cheap amusement and makes me smile. Scully Babies
May 13, 2020
Dog Pile Dog Pile 2

It looks like Rogue's babies above are planning a takeover...or dogpiling their mom. The tan spotted one looks way too happy about it.

To the right, Kirby is hiding in his new cage. He's not used to being alone.

Kirby Hides
June 20, 2020
Bunny Tractors

Bunny Tractor

Saving on food by moving them throughout the day and fertilizing my field at the same time. Win win!

August 25, 2020
Scully's Babies

Inara Cuke

Cucumber season! We grow extra produce just to keep our rabbits hydrated during those hot summer months. Scully's babies, to the left and Inara and her baby above.

September 17, 2020
Drinking with Ma Rogue. I love the tan spotted one. Rogue Babies
September 24, 2020

Angela Babies

Angela and her babies

CC Babies

CC and her babies

Freckles Babies

Freckles and her babies

Inara Babies

Inara and her babies

Lily Babies

Lily and her babies

Lola Babies

Lola and her babies

Rogue Babies

Rogue and her babies

Rose Babies

Rose and her babies

Scully Babies

Scully and her water loving babies

Snowball Babies

Snowball and her babies

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