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Chickens 2015

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February 26-28, 2015

13 of our eggs hatched this week. 10 Black Laced Silver Wyandottes and 3 Wyandotte/Americauna crosses that we call 'Caunadottes.

March 16, 2015

Sold 10 of our chicks. Here is a picture of Dusty the Americauna, which lays olive eggs, from a couple weeks ago.

April 22, 2015

We got our awaited call from the post office that our chicks had arrived at about 8:30 this morning. As I filled the waterer and checked on the chicks in our hatcher I had to smile. We had 3 chicks hatched out already. We currently have 3 brooders and 4 incubators (one of which is used as a hatcher). The new breeds we ordered from Cackle Hatchery are always healthy and adorable. This time we ordered 5 Blue Polish, 20 Black Laced Golden Wyandotte, and 25 Black Australorps. Not a single bird was dead upon arrival and all were healthy once again. It was snowing as our chicks shipped so their feet were a little cold, but once they warmed up they were bouncing and skittering all over the brooder and they managed to empty the waterer and food container before the day was over. I did not realize the Black Australorps were so fluffy! It reminds me of the movie Despicable Me where the little girl gets the new unicorn and says "It's so fluffy!" They kind of look like tiny penguin chicks with running mascara. SO CUTE!

The two chicks being held are a Blue Polish (Top left) and a Black Australorp (Bottom left). Below are pics of the hatch from last week and the first hatcher of this week.

May 30, 2015

Bought 100 fryers, got 5 free exotics and a few extras they added.

Below we have two of our Americuna/Auracana, Right is Twotone, left is TwinkieD (We have two that look like twins, one has a dark head, the other tan)

June 21, 2015
New chicken fencing in. They have half our backyard now.

Once they were let loose they munched on bugs hiding in the leaves that had accumulated around the temporary fencing. The bush next to the stump is their favorite place to lay in the shade.

October 20, 2015
When apples spoil or you don't have enough time to process all of them what do you do? Pamper the chickens of course! No apples go to waste around here :D

Here are a few new keepers for the next year from this batch of chickens that are unique:
Houdini aka Dini
Einstein Midnight
Sentinel aka Mr. Fluffybutt

August 23, 2015
Two different areas for chickens here now. We fenced the whole back yard and the meat chickens are in a separate pen from the layers and daddy birds. They eat the greens faster then they grow, thinking of putting more of the meat chickens in tractors next year so this isn't an issue.

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