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Tilly's Tiny Family Farm
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Enjoy our former mascot rooster Mr. Soup on the right.


The beginning of my chicken experience and that of my children. Thankfully hubbie knew what to do since he's the one with experience. We end up naming one of our chickens Soup and slowly start to build our chicken tractors and fenced area. Wouldn't want them on the highway nearby.


Our adventure this year started us with incubators. We also ordered frypan specials to see what kind of meat chicken demand there is in our local area. Also random chicken pictures and an addition to the coop.


Unfortunately we lost all our 2016 pictures when our hard drive crashed....like literally crashed...and fell down the basement steps...and *SMASH*!


We ordered some ducks with our chickens from Cackle Hatchery.


Just some pictures of the chickens. Looks like I didn't get many this year.


Unfortunately a fox family decimated most of our flock. They left us the older hens that didn't lay eggs anymore. We added them to the soup pot and plan to start fresh once we've fenced well around a new, larger section of the farm.


We have decided to focus on a garage first before getting chickens. We also have a TON of fencing to do after clearing some popple trees that have taken over slowly. So clear trees, put up fencing...then clear more trees and put up more fencing.


Hopefully somewhat soon.